457 Health Insurance

It's compulsory for 457 visa applicants to provide proof of suitable 457 visa health insurance.
All the policies below meet the 457 visa DIAC (Australian Government) requirements.

Compare the 457 visa health insurance policies below in two easy steps.

457 visa health insurance
  • Price (Monthly)
  • Meets ‘Condition 8501′
    For The 457 Visa
  • Public Hospital Accommodation
  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • Out Patient Services
    Post Hospitalisation
  • Funeral Cover
  • Medical Repatriation Cover
  • Maternity Services
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Dental Cover
    (Extras Policy)
  • Other Important Elements
  • Place Holder
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This information is indicative and provided for general information only.
Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting period.

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457 Visa Health Insurance By HIF Has The Best Value Budget Cover

The best value budget cover that meets 457 visa requirements is HIF Essentials Cover.

This 457 visa health insurance comparison was made in August 2014 and with the finding that HIF has:

  • The cheapest 457 visa health insurance policy at $79.90 (taking into account the 4% annual discount)
  • No Excess payable on the product
  • No co-payments required during public hospital stays (shared room)
  • Cover for doctor’s bills in Hospital (up to the Medicare Benefits Schedule Fee)
  • Repatriation cover with a limit of $4,000
  • Cover for theatre and intensive care fees
  • Pharmaceutical drugs cover
  • 100% Ambulance cover

HIF is one of Australia’s oldest health insurers dating back to 1954. The fund has the best customer reviews on productreview.com.au of 74% from existing policy holders. The fund is a ‘not for profit’ which means the income generated usually translates to either lower premium prices or improved services. This was a key reason for the fund increasing their 2014 rates by the least in the industry including their health insurance 457 visa policies.

Other factors to take into consideration which allow HIF to offer the lowest policy if you must be under 60 years old to get this policy. This cover also rules out private hospital stays, which have significantly higher costs for the insurer. It’s important to note that while other funds offer private hospital accommodation cover, choosing to stay at one may lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses. It is for this reason that many policy holders will instead still opt to be treated in a public hospital.

Background To This 457 Visa Health Insurance Comparison

This 457 visa health insurance comparison was made on 22/08/2014 based on reviews of the major Australian health funds that offer health insurance for 457 visa holders. Prices of policies & benefits are subject to change in the future, and while this website regularly reviews 457 health cover policies, we recommend that you verify the policy prices and details prior to making your final purchase. A wide-scale review occurred on the 1st of April 2014 when most 457 visa health funds implement their scheduled price increases while IMAN increased their policy prices on the 1st of May 2014. The providers websites are regularly reviewed to ensure that any policy updates are reflected on this website.

The owners of 457visacompared.com.au have worked hard to create what they consider to be the most accurate and comprehensive 457 health insurance comparison of policies. The authors cannot guarantee the accuracy of every health insurance 457 visa element stated on the site and is always happy to receive feedback to make the site as accurate as possible. Therefore, information provided is indicative and should be used for general information only. To make the most accurate comparison it is recommended that each individual policy is downloaded from the health fund websites and manually compared factoring in elements such as pricing, benefit and waiting periods.

Who Needs 457 Health Insurance?

DIAC (IMMI) have stated that it is compulsory for a 457 visa applicant to make plans for health insurance for themselves and accompanying family members. Condition 8501 states that these visa holders (family members included) must also maintain their health insurance cover during their stay within Australia. All of the covers above meet these government requirements for subclass 457 visa insurance and provide documents after completed applications to provide ‘proof or purchase’ which is required within a 457 visa application.

When you have 457 visa health cover and make medical claim (eg for visiting a doctor) you will normally be paid the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS). This is the amount that a permanent Australian resident would be receive if they were on the public system. The MBS will not necessarily pay for your the full costs of seeing a doctor/treatment with many doctors charging a rate higher than the MBS. In this case you will be ‘out of pocket’ for the difference. Most of the cheap budget 457 health cover policies above will pay 100% of the MBS while some of the more premium policies will pay either 150% of the MBS or all the costs of the visit. You can use the dropdown box above to view the more expensive policies.

Reciprocal health care agreements exist between Australia and a number of countries including the UK, Italy and New Zealand. This provides passport holders from these countries with cover for some medically necessary treatments for ill-health or injury during their stay in Australia. Individuals from these countries may meet condition 8501 if they are enrolled with Medicare which can only be done when they are in Australia. If you are enrolled you must provide proof that you have a Medicare card in your application. It should be noted that Health Insurance covers additional service compared to Medicare and can pay for the gap between what doctors/hospitals charge and what Medicare will page to avoid individuals from being substantially out-of-pocket. For more information on the key elements to a 457 Health Insurance Comparison see the FAQ page.

When a 457 Visa Holder receives permanent residency they no longer need to have health insurance 457 visa, but they may receive penalties if they choose to cancel it. One penalty is called the ‘Medicare Levy Surcharge’ which is a tax on your salary of up to 1.5%. Another penalty is called ‘Lifetime Health Cover’ which means that following your 31st birthday you will need to pay an extra 2% on your insurance premiums for each year past the age of 30 you choose not to have health insurance. Permanent residents are also entitled to a private health insurance rebate of up to 30%. These penalties often make it cheaper to be covered compared to paying the fees and charges. 457VisaCompared recommends GMHBA based on the awards they have received and the fact the fund is a ‘not for profit’ which means funds are re-invested each year into the insurer.

Health insurance For 457 Visa Holders Waiting Periods

Waiting periods across most  health insurance for 457 visa holders policies are the same due to government regulation. These conditions include an illness, ailment or condition that signs or symptoms of which existed six months up to and including the day a 457 visa applicant joins a health fund. If a 457 visa holder makes a claim during a waiting period the 457 visa health fund may ask the medical practitioner (e.g. doctor) to complete a report so it can be accessed if the treatment was for a pre-existing condition.

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