IMAN Health Insurance 457 Visa Review

IMAN Australian Health Plan is Australia’s only specialist health fund that solely caters for the overseas visitor health insurance market (including 457 visa health insurance).
The health fund is over 30 years old and was acquired by nib in 2010 which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

IMAN now acts as a subsidiary of nib with over 17,000 policy holders which is a large segment of the 457 visa health insurance market (and other overseas visitor policies).

Our IMAN Health Insurance 457 Visa Review Findings

This website’s IMAN health insurance 457 visa review completed in February 2014 found the fund offers the the best value for single 457 visa health insurance cover with cover starting at $79.99 a month.

Singles IMAN Health Insurance 457 Visa Comparison
The fund also has the ‘best value’ budget couples 457 health insurance cover starting at just under $160 which is lower than the other health funds.

Couples IMAN Health Insurance 457 Visa Comparison

When it comes to family health insurance for 457 Visa holders IMAN is not considered ‘best value’ but rather HIF is. This is because unlike other health funds IMAN had a price differential between their couples 457 visa health cover and the family policy. Therefore their family 457 health insurance policies are more expensive then competitors such as BUPA and HIF.

Family IMAN 457 Visa Health Insurance Comparison

All IMAN Health Insurance Policies meet the the Department of Immigration and Citizenship 457 visa application requirements. This means that once you apply a letter will be sent which you attach to your 457 visa application as proof that you meet the health insurance requirements set by the subclass 457 visa rules.

IMAN Health Insurance 457 Visa Policies include ambulance cover in Australia as well as funeral expenses. Cover also includes repatriation such as the need for a medical escort when medically necessary.

IMAN Health Insurance 457 Visa Logo

All plans offer cover for hospital accommodation and services and for out-patient services following hospitalisation. This cover is applicable at MBS rates with all treatments requiring to be documents and approved by the treating doctor prior to discharge. Our IMAN health insurance review found there are lower benefits on some services for lower policies such as gastric banding, palliative care, pregnancy and psychiatric treatment. Extra’s cover such as general dental, optical and pharmaceuticals are only covered on higher policies so its important to compare the 457 visa health insurance policies to find the one that’s right for you. 

IMAN is an NIB 457 Visa Health Insurance subsidiary. For all NIB 457 health insurance enquiries the applicant should instead contact IMAN health insurance on +61 2 4914 1131

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