457 Visa Infographic

Our team has put an exciting infographic together for last financial years 457 visa data.

It may surprise many that construction workers are the highest segment for 457 visa applications. This is due to the mining boom requiring skilled labour in WA, NT and QLD which Australia has a short fall. Many expect far more professional jobs to increase as the job market adjusts from the mining boom to a more service based economy.  The 457 visa health industry is also expected to grow due to Australia’s ageing economy.

457 Visa Infographic

457 Visa Infographic (2011/12)

As our infographic highlights, in 2011/12 the UK is the higher source for where 457 visa applicants come from. This is followed by India, Ireland, Philippines and the USA. In recent years this has shifted toward China and other countries in Asia. There has also been an increase in Indians moving to Australia on the professional subclass 457 visa while UK and Irish resident applications have dropped. Once official figures are published by Department of Immigration and Border Protection these updates will be provided on the site.

Construction is the most popular source of 457 visa employment. This is due to the mining boom requiring infrastructure and also explains with Mining jobs are the fourth highest professional group to hire professional temporary visa holders. Health care workers are the second most popular segment and with spending in this sector outpacing CPI figures each year (in part due to an ageing population this is only expected to increase. Information, Media and Telecommunication is third but this is mostly due to IT professional which are in shortage throughout Australia.

Most 457 visa applicants move to NSW which is to be expected with large multinationals setup in Sydney. Both Western Australia and Queensland have a very high proportion of 457 visa holders living in their states due to their mining booms which require skilled labour which is hard to source in the surrounding areas. Many of the locations of these jobs are remote or involve ‘fly in, fly out’ services. Victoria has less then 25,000 visa holders which is due to the state having no mining boom or large headquarters even though the state won the ‘most liveable city’ award and has relatively low unemployment.