The Growth Of The Graduate 485 Visa

The subclass 457 visa may be the highest profile visa but over the past 12 months the highest growing visa is the temporary graduate 485 visa. The number of international graduate students on 485 visas has risen by 74 per cent in the past year to over 38,000. This is the same number of unemployed Australians, aged 20 to 24, who were looking for work in January this year.

The graduate visa, which allows international students to remain and work in Australia after they graduate.

The growth in this visa over the past stems from changes with graduates on these visas having no restrictions on the type of work they apply for in Australia.

485 Visa Graduates

485 Visa Graduate work stream vs 485 visa post study work stream

There are two streams a graduate can take with the 485 visa which are determined by eligibility criteria. These steams are important as they impact the duration that the individual can work in Australia.

The post study work stream

For any student visa that was applied for (or granted) after 5/11/2011 and has achieved an eligible qualification, they can work within Australia for up to four years.

Visa length is dependent on the university qualification completed which are:

2 years = Bachelor degree
3 years = Masters degree
4 years = Doctorate
From March this year the graduates above can apply for any job.

The graduate work stream

International students who have completed qualifications that fall into the Skilled Occupations List may be granted the right to stay and work in Australia for up to 18 months. This is the same list of occupations that is used for the 457 visa.

Applicants for this visa must nominate an occupation that is relevant to their field of qualifications and is on the Skilled Occupation List.

For either stream the graduate student must still be in Australia and not have returned to their country of origin after graduating.

Other key advantages of the 485 visa?

An application for a 485 visa can also include a partner, dependent children or other dependent relatives. Family members must meet the health and good character standards as devised by the Immigration Department.

What health cover do 485 visa holders need to have?

Students must also be able to show proof of adequate health insurance cover. A 458 visa health insurance table has been created to show some policies that meet these requirements.