The Truth About 457 Visa Mining Jobs

In 2012 there has been a lot of discussion about skilled miners coming to Australia on 457 visa’s for mining projects such as the Roy Hill Project. Its important to state the facts to understand why 457 visa holder applications are been accepted for this region and why the media have attracted attention to it.


A report from the National Resources Sector Employment Taskforce that the government initiated in 2010 let to the recommendation that the mining sector use foreign skilled workers. Other reports such as the Skills Australia report the following years said the mining  sector needs by 2016 will be shot by 89 00457 Visa For Miners


The Current Situation

The media have raised 457 visa holders coming into Australia and taking away jobs. This is untrue. The government’s priority has been to ensure suitably qualified Australian job seekers have every opportunity to find work in the resources sector. However, there is a large body of evidence that points to significant skills shortages in the resources sector over the coming years. This shortfall suitably skilled workers is compounded by the unprecedented demand for Australian minerals and resources and the high levels of capital expenditure that are flowing into the country.

Another issue raised is that these 457 visa holders undermine Australian working conditions and wages. Again this untrue and in Australia there is the workings protection act that requires 457 visa holder to be paid market rates on Australia terms and conditions. This ensures that This ensures two things—that the employment conditions of Australian workers are maintained and not undercut; and that overseas workers are treated fairly in the workplace.

Currently there are around 91 000 subclass 457 visa holders in Australia at 30 June 2012. Overseas workers under new mining agreements represent less than 2% of the overall program.