Minimum Threshold To Be Lowered For Cooks, Chefs & Restaurant Managers

The peak body of the hospitality industry (known as the Restaurant and Catering Australia[R&CA]) has made an agreement with the government to reduce the temporary skilled migration income threshold by 10%. This assume that the restaurant meets the specific criteria specified within the new agreement.

threshold reduced

The reason behind this reduction in the temporary skilled migration income threshold relates to the fact the industry has over 56,000 shortfall when it comes to cooks, chefs & restaurant managers. To compound this industry the industry continues to grow with an expected rate of 8.5% in future years. In fact, by late November over 43,000 additional jobs will be required.

It’s important to note that the hospitality (including food services) industry is the current users of the subclass 457 visa. 4,300+ applications are granted to migrants within this industry last financial year.

What Are The Requirements For A Hospitality Business?

The business must:

  1. Offer an À la carte menu
  2. A Maitre’d
  3. Have their staff uniformed
  4. Industry recognition (this means award programs needs exist)

The agreement also factors in the skills and qualifications of the individual as well as them meeting English language standards assuming they come from a non-English speaking nation. They must also meet the usual requirements including 457 health insurance.

Has Other Agreements Been Made With Other Industries?

Yes, a number of industries have been making deals with the Australian government.

Dairy Industry

This includes ‘Dairy Australia’ which will allow experienced dairy farm workers to come to Australia on the subclass 457 visa. In the past this was not possible as the skills these individuals had did not meet the set criteria.

threshold reduced1

For a farmer to hire a 457 visa dairy worker they must first show proof that for 6 months they advertised the position locally first. If they then choose to hire a 457 visa worker, they must show proof they have 5+ years dairy-farm experience. They also can instead have a 3+ year agriculture qualification from a TAFE/University.

The minimum wage allowed is $53.9k per year with up to four years been allowed on the visa (after which the applicant can apply for a permanent residence).

Minister Of Religion

Unlike the two examples above, Ministers of religion have seen their ability to apply for a 457 visa become tougher. Exemptions that used to exist such as age, skills and English requirements are to be removed. Religious organisations process to get a minister of religion on a 457 visa has also changed which must be done through the minister of religion labour agreement.

threshold reduced2

Changes have also been made to the application process for nominating a Minister of religion for an employer-sponsored visa. Religious organisations who wish to bring Ministers of religion to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis for employment must now do so via the available Ministers of Religion Industry Labour Agreement.