What ambulance cover is included in 457 visa health insurance cover?

To many people coming on a working visa to Australia, the idea of ambulance cover can seem like a foreign idea. This is because many nations do not need insurance, or at least not to this extent. Plus, as this is all about meeting their 457 visa work requirements, so their overseas visitor health cover all just seems like details.

However, health insurance is about much more than just visas. While you are staying in Australia it is in your best interest to make sure that you have the most robust cover possible. After all, you never know when an accident may happen.

Do I need ambulance cover?

In short, the answer to this is a definite yes. Not that you will definitely need an ambulance, and we hope you don’t, but there is that chance. So to make sure that ambulance use does not come with hidden charges is an absolute. You do not want to have an accident and then get stuck with a bill.

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The other reason that you need ambulance cover is also because it is part of your 457 visa work requirements, and so to take on an overseas visitor health cover without this will help your visa. You can check what the overseas visitor health cover requirements are at Australia’s Immigration page here. But as mentioned, there are many reasons why you need cover.

Types of ambulance cover

It is important to understand what is meant by ambulance cover, as the term can be used quite broadly. In general, the term is used to describe emergency transportation, a call out where the ambulance was not needed, or any medically necessary transportation that you physician deems needed. This can then of course include a fair amount of uses.

Though there are many differences in some providers as to what is or is not covered, by enlarge this is what most providers will offer – and what this site uses to describe the cover when ranking insurance cover. In this way, most overseas visitor health cover options will cover you for most types of ambulance use.

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Though we do endeavour to keep our records of what providers offer, it is always important to check these things with the company you choose before you can sign up. Their policies and prices can always change at a moment’s notice, so always be vigilant and ask!

State and regions

It is important to note that ambulance services operate on state and national levels. This then means that the funding, billing and insurance of these also work within this parameters. This means that for Australians, their health cover may not allow them to cross state lines and still be covered.

However, this should not be an issue with your overseas visitor health cover, no matter your provider. It is of course always worth being aware so that you can check before taking on a policy that this is not something that will affect you.

Does my 457 visa health insurance include ambulance cover?

This is something you should always be checking – and insurance companies are known for their small print. However, as mentioned, 457 visa work requirements mean you need ambulance cover, and any reputable provider will have this as part of their specially designed 457 visa health insurance policies.

Overseas Visitor Health Cover Comparison Table

If you look at our 457 visa health cover comparison chart you can clearly see that ambulance cover is included in this. If you have a look through the options here, you will also be able to see that this is pretty uniform across all the providers that we look at as they all have specialist policies that will need to have this.

The simple answer

The simple answer is that your overseas visitor health cover will cover you for all sensible uses of an ambulance. This means any emergency call out, call outs where there is no need for an ambulance, and any transportation that your doctor has deems as medically necessary (which could be pretty much anything they agree to, within reason).

These basics cover most forms of ambulance use, so you should feel pretty covered. There many be questions when it comes to crossing state lines, but this should not be an issue with most overseas visitor health cover, but you can check this easily enough.