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Australian Unity is quite possibly Australia’s oldest health insurance fund dating back to 1840. While the company was not offering health insurance during this period, they were one of the first to enter the Australian private health insurance industry once it was deregulated. Unlike other health funds which solely focus on health insurance products, Australian Unity has a wider portfolio offering national healthcare and retirement living products as well as financial products. Australian unity is a mutual company formed by members for the benefits of members. This means the company doesn’t pay dividends and reinvests all profits back into the business.

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Relative to the organisation’s size the amount of review left on the popular website ‘product review’ showed only 22 reviews with an average of 2.3 from 22 reviews. From there reviews only one came from a non-resident (most likely a 457 visa holder’) said complained about red tap. A few key elements in the negative review include:

  • High amount of red tape
  • For every GP visit a letter telling the visit was not about a pre-existing injury was needed
  • Additional costs were involved from paperwork required

“We had to pay $100 to our GP for her to verify that the claim was not for a pre existing condition before Australian Unity would accept the claim. “.

Product Review Australian Unity


Based on comparison’s made between 457 visa health insurance providers it was found that Australian Unity’s Budget Workers + Extras was 55% more expensive than HIF’s policy after the 4% annual discount available through that provider. At the higher end ¬†Australian Unity offers very strong value as highlighted by the tables created at this price point. An example is Top Family 457 Visa Health Insurance which is the lowest of all the providers at $477.40 while offering outstanding service. In informal discussions with an anaesthetist at a leading Victorian hospital, Australian Unity was stated at one of the best in terms of the amount a patient gets back from their services.

Overall, Australian Unity is a brand you can trust but seem to have ignored the lower end of the 457 visa health insurance with a strong focus on the premium end. They should be in the decision making process of any single, couple or family looking for an extensive level of 457 visa health insurance cover. If on the other hand your looking for more basic cover, other providers such as IMAN or HIF should be considered.