Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance

A joint 457 visa application requires evidence of 457 health insurance for both parties.
Below compares the leading budget couples 457 health insurance policies.

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Couples 457 visa health insurance
457 Visa Health Cover Comparison Logos
457 Visa Health Cover Logos

  • Price (Monthly)
  • Meets ‘Condition 8501’
    For The 457 Visa
  • Public Hospital Accommodation
  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • Out Patient Services
    Post Hospitalisation
  • Funeral Cover
  • Medical Repatriation Cover
  • Maternity Services
  • Ambulance Cover
  • Dental Cover
    (Extras Policy)
  • Other Important Elements

HIF 457 Visa Health Insurance Logo

Basic Working Visa Cover

  • 457 Visa Compliant
  • Includes Public Accommodation
    Shared Room Only
  • No Private Accommodation
  • Medical Repatriation Included
    (Max $8,000)
  • Limited Pregnancy Cover
  • Ambulance Cover Included
  • No Extras Cover
  • $500 excess per hospital admission 
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IMAN Health Insurance For 457 Visa Holders

Budget Cover

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  • Place Holder

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Minimum Working
Visa Cover

Frank 457 Visa Cover Site

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Budget Workers Cover

Australian Unity Website

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Working Visa Hospital cover

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This information is indicative and provided for general information only.
Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting period.

This policy is a good match for this health insurance item
This policy only covers some areas of this health insurance item
This policy does not offer comprehensive cover of this insurance item

Frank Is Ideal For Private Hospital Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance

An updated February 2017 review of couples 457 visa health insurance policies found Frank to offer the best value for those looking to be treated in a private hospital.

Frank 457 Visa Couples Health Cover LogoThis was because Frank’s overseas visitor health cover policy:

  • Has a relatively lower price of $150 per couple each month
  • Allows you to be treated in a private hospital (or a public hospital)
  • Provides the option for a private room (a $100 co-payment fee applies)
  • Covers doctors fees in hospital (at 100% of the Medicare Scheduled Fee)
  • Includes emergency ambulance cover
  • Includes repatriation cover (up to $20,000 per membership)
  • Meets visa condition 8501 for 457 visa holders

Frank has the best review score of 4.5 from 235 reviews of any Australian overseas visitor health insurance company on the site product review. They are able to offer the cheapest policy as the company is not for profit which means they don’t have shareholders or parent companies that require dividends. The option of getting treatment within a private hospital and in a private room was a key component that let to this recommendation.

It should be noted that an excess of $500 per person and up to $1,000 per couples, per year exists. This means that if you get treated in a hospital you will need to pay the initial $500. If you choose to get treated in a private room there is also a $100 per night co-payment which is capped at $700 per admission. This excess and co-payment is a balance between cost and having the best facilities if you get sick or injured and require hospitalisation.

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HIF Is Recommended For Public Hospital Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance

In February 2017 a new policy was launched by HIF called Couples Basic Working Visa Cover. The cover focused on offering the cheapest 457 visa health insurance policy that meets visa condition 8501.

HIF 457 Visa Couples Health Cover LogoThe HIF 457 visa health cover policy features:

  • The lowest premium of just $138.00 per month for a couple
  • Treatment in a public hospital
  • Accommodation in a shared room
  • Urgent road ambulance transportation cover
  • In-hospital pharmacy drugs
  • Repatriation cover (up to $4,000)
  • Meets condition 8501

There is an excess on any hospital admission with the policy of $500 and the maximum medical annual limit is $1,000,000. By having an excess per visit and a limit on annual claims HIF is able to keep costs down allowing it to offer the cheapest 457 visa health cover. Other ways costs are reduces is by restricting treatments to public hospitals and accommodation to shared rooms.

If you don’t mind getting treated in a public hospital and are looking to meet your visa condition 8501, HIF is the logical 457 visa health cover choice.

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About this Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Comparison

On the 7th of February 2017 a panel of experts went through each individual fund’s website to compare policies that offer couples 457 visa health insurance. This manual couples 457 visa comparison factored in key elements of each policy such as price, features, waiting periods and other significant policy details. All prices factor in rate increases that occurred in 2014 and will be updated regularly as further price changes occur.

The key difference of Frank that led to this 457 visa insurance recommendation was that while the policy’s price combined with the fact it offered private hospital and private room options. These included all expenses for same-day and overnight hospital accommodation, as well as for intensive care, ward and operating theatre fees. There is also full cover for doctors, specialists, etc. whether you’re admitted as an in-patient or simply seeking treatment as an out-patient.

Collection Of Data

It should be understood that this 457 visa couples health insurance comparison was made manually and not through automated software or bots. Therefore, information was checked and double-checked for accuracy. But if any price or policy item is incorrect, the authors would appreciate feedback through the 457 visa contact form. Changes will be made ASAP once the correct information is collected. As the content on this site is made by real people and is not automated, content may be inaccurate if policy details or prices change, which can occur by funds without notice. Therefore, the information provided is only indicative and the best comparison to ensure you find the right policy for your needs is by downloading each fund’s individual PDF policy document and diligently analyse policy features.

If you receive permanent residency you need to conclude your 457 visa health insurance and switch to a permanent residency policy. If your still looking for a budget policy then it’s recommended you purchase Frank’s Cheap Health Insurance which has the lowest budget prices in the Australian private health insurance market. For more information on the health cover industry view the health insurance companies in Australia page.

Insights Into Couples 457 Health Insurance

All couples 457 visa health insurance policies examined had the same features as single health insurance policies, but were twice the price (offering the same prices per person as its singles health cover). Based on this, there is no incentive to have couples 457 health insurance vs singles cover except that it may reduce confusion when submitting a 457 visa application as a couple  (the cover will match the application rather than two singles policies).

An advantage of two singles policies though may be that one person can get a higher level of cover compared to the other. For example, if a wife is considering having a baby in a year’s time, she may opt for top-level cover to ensure she is fully covered in a private hospital (once the 12-month waiting period has passed). This higher level of cover though may not be required by the husband. In this case, having two separate covers could ensure that their needs are met without paying for unnecessary benefits.

Understanding The Australian Tax System

Another factor that should be considered when deciding on couples vs singles cover is how Tax will be structured once you are living in Australia. For example, there is a Medicare surcharge which applies different rates for singles and couples. While having two singles cover may not affect the calculated value of the surcharge, it will be important to explain the setup with your accountant to ensure that the surcharge will not be incorrectly charged to one of the policy holders. It’s strongly recommended that you discuss with the health fund you’re considering going with the advantages of a couples policy vs two singles policies (especially if your seeking different levels of cover).

It’s important to ensure you meet your 457 visa health insurance requirements for both yourself and your partners both when you make your application and then work in Australia. Having either yourself or your partner’s health insurance lapse may lead to you not meeting condition 8501 which could lead to deportation.

When you have couples 457 health insurance you should understand that the policy will not necessarily cover all the costs when you get sick/injured or see a doctor. Most policies will pay our at the MBS rate which is the same rate you would receive if you were an Australian with the local Medicare scheme. This rate is set by the government each year and over the past decade has increased at rate less than the doctors fees. This means that often you will need to pay the ‘gap’ between the MBS and what the doctor charges. More expensive policies will pay above the MBS rate (for example 150% above) or in other cases will guarantee payment irrelevant of the doctors charge. This should be considered when comparing policies.