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When you’re making plans to visit, or work within Australia, having the most fundamental and appropriate form of health cover is absolutely necessary.  This is even more critical if the goal is to meet your couples 457 visa health insurance requirements.  Further, because you never know when accidents can incur, having this kind of protection through Australian Unity can help you avoid those extremely high medical costs that visitors can be smashed with, if they have no cover in place!

The budget workers cover policy can provide almost everything visitors need to have that necessary peace of mind!  And yes, this cover is extremely affordable–specifically for those who always strive to maintain a workable budget.  The following price comparison gives a great illustration on what visitors can expect cost wise when they choose Australian Unity over the most popular competitors:

Price Competitiveness of Australian Unity

Let’s not forget that Australian Unity is also one of the oldest health companies within Australia.  This company has been trading for well over 170 years, so visitors interested in choosing a cover that also offers financial services will be more attuned to Australian Unity.  This is also one of the largest ‘not for profit’ health cover providers for overseas visitors as well.

Optional Extras Insurance cover is also available, offering a selection of day-to-day health services such as major dental, optical, pharmacy, or massage.  Now, to put the Brule cream on the pudding–Australian Unity guarantees receipt of the visa compliance letter far faster than what the competitors provide!  If you add in the fact that every feature of Australian Unity ensures all necessary visa requirements are fulfilled fully–it is obvious why it is a popular cover choice for so many.  Let’s examine some other reasons as to why this cover plan is ideal for so many overseas visitors.

Why Choose Australian Unity For 457 Health Insurance?

1) Price

Australian Unity has the third lowest (entry level) price for a budget workers cover policy.  Let’s not forget that this particular cover does comply with all of the 457 visa requirements.

Australian Unity update

2) Compliance

Once again, visitors are looking for a cover that will guarantee visa compliance.  As mentioned several times, this budget cover meets all “adequate health cover” needs and offers a range of options.  Since the adherence to these rules and regulations is so critical for working visa holders, Australian Unity is often chosen over others, due to good ratings in this area.

3) Flexibility

Overseas visitors are going to be amazed at the level of flexibility Australian Unity rewards.  Unlike many funds such as IMAN in particular, this cover allows you to have the freedom to mix and match your health cover features.  You choose what is going to meet you and/or your families needs the most.  Let’s just say that you want the “budget workers cover” but you also want to add a more expensive comprehensive feature.  This could be anything from dental care to optical solutions.  You decide, because you’re not limited.  In other words, YOU choose what you can afford comfortably.

4) The Policy Can Include Preventative Health Benefits

Australian Unity is also one of the very few popular cover funds that ensures preventative health benefits are available!  Of course, overseas visitors have to go up a tier on the health cover option they choose to access these, but with all that is gained, it is more than affordable!  These extra features include receiving pertinent doctor check ups, fat-loss programs and even personal health coaching!  Very few other health funds give such choices so affordable.

Also, Australian Unity guarantees members on this specific tier level will have access to support programs such as a: “heart health program” and various other integrated services to keep health optimal.  Australian Unity also has no hospital excess fee, so this helps keep the money in the members pocket!  The chart below details this with competitors:

Hospital excess

If visitors do choose to stay with the budget workers cover option they will still have some amazing features like these listed below, which are always included.

The Importance Of Knowing Just What Is Included And Covered Under The Policy 

Under the budget workers cover policy those who are singles, couples, or entire families choose their extra feature options.  However, under the standard plan, families (and others) are guaranteed to be covered for a wide berth of medical services and health treatments including, but not limited too:

  • General doctor fees, along with other specialist fees
  • Multiple hospital treatment services, all accommodation and theatre fees
  • Emergency ambulatory service
  • All day surgery and follow up procedures
  • And more

Now, some might see a downside to Australian Unity due to the fact there is a set limit for medical repatriation.  For those who are under the budget workers plan, or perhaps a higher tier–the standard amount is a $20,000 limit per member.  The below illustrated chart gives a comparison to other couples 457 visa health insurance health funds on just how this works:

Medical repatriation

What this really means is that if you fall seriously ill, or you become injured in some way which requires medical repatriation back to your home country, the limit is that set $20,000.  What is disappointing is the fact this is significantly lower than what many other Australian health insurance companies offer.  Now, naturally it is up to the potential member to decide how important this specific feature actually is to them.  As mentioned previously, one can never know when an accident might occur, let alone an illness.  It is an important feature of any health cover plan.

This leads to the most important consideration and/or question with regards to this health fund, and that is:

Who Is Australian Unity’s 457 Health Cover Best Suited To?

Australian Unity is clearly found to be an accurate choice for those coupes 457 visa health insurance visitors who:

  • Are actively seeking a fair and competitively priced policy
  • Hope to acquire a cover that they can mix and match with standard services plus extras
  • Don’t hesitate to receive medical services in a public hospital and/or semi private room
  • Don’t mind having a limit to the repatriation service on their cover fund

Australian Unity reviews are relatively mixed due to a variety of past experiences of previous members, but they are all important to share here.  The chart illustration shares some of these health cover reviews–Australian Unity included.  Australian Unity does provide a 30 day money back guarantee on all policies–if and when a member becomes unsatisfied.  This might help an overseas visitor make up their mind in a more satisfying manner:

Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Reviews