Couples 457 Health Insurance Comparison

For visitors to Australia, 457 visa health insurance comparison factors are important to consider when choosing a health coverage plan. This is more than helpful when it comes down to determining what really is right for you as an individual, couple, or family. Having some familiarity with specific features and benefits of some health coverage options will make shopping for a policy easier for you, and definitely far less time consuming. Finding health coverage as a visitor to Australia is the goal, and this page will provide you with some great ideas, tips and advice that will keep you from feeling overwhelmed when considering your options.

Of course, it can be challenging–perhaps even intimidating to most, but again, the following information just might make the process easier to comprehend. When you have a 457 health insurance comparison to research and compare–previous cover options you had considered might begin to become a little confusing, and even muddled. Naturally, regardless of whether this is your first time choosing a plan, or your third time–the jargon can create quite a bit of confusion.  Because of these issues, it is critical you comprehend the fundamental differences within all of these policies.

As mentioned previously, we have created a consolidated list of the most important 457 visa health insurance comparison factors to guarantee clarity for just about anyone visiting Australia.  Clearly, the best decisions are made when all the relevant information is available, and more is better than less here! This is the entire purpose for this page.  You might find that many of these comparison factors will have a dramatic influence on you, based on what your current budget and lifestyle is and what present stage of life you are within as well.

Taking the time to consider these varying factors is just plain smart. Now, when a visitor reviews 457 visa health insurance comparison factors, they’ll find prices are variable and some of these policies do include private hospital coverage as an additional benefit, along with ambulatory service and more. All of the policies found below are found to meet the 457 visa requirements that are stipulated through the Dept. Of Immigration.

A visual graph that gives a great illustration of 457 visa health comparison factors and reviews for singles

There are tier levels to the 457 health insurance coverage. For example, the lower coverage provides hospital services, while top level coverage always includes extras. Sone will charge you no additional fees for excess benefits, while others have hidden charges.  In this respect, it is very important to look closely and ask questions.  If you have any concerns at all, you can reach out to a representative at the health fund.  Naturally, if you know you’ll be making routine claims on dental, physio, or optical, you’ll find a top tier coverage plan is better for you. The most basic 457 coverage will protect family when an emergency arises, but it might not cover basic GP services. This illustrates why it is so very important to work out the requirements you’ll have while visiting Australia.

If you want to review the complete range of 457 Visa Health Insurance Comparison Factors for couples, you can easily use the drop down menu within the graph listed above. However, the following table listed below could also be helpful to those looking for quick verification to their more common questions–questions such as costs, benefits, waiting periods and more:

Couples 457 Visa Insurance update


The comparison listed above are similar to the previous graph provided.  Now, when you compare 457 visa health insurance to other programs (such as BUPA) you might find that while BUPA provides one of the lower cost policies for those on a tight budget, there are noticeable drawbacks. For example, unlike 457 visa health insurance coverage, which allows for private accommodation coverage–BUPA claims to, but there are drawbacks.  Many have found themselves treated in a public hospital to keep their costs lower.  457 visa health comparison factors like these are definitely worth taking the time to consider, don’t you agree?

The costs for 457 health insurance do change/increase every year, but then many of these overseas visitor policies do. Remember, the 457 visa health comparison factors you research can influence cost factors. The below graph illustrates how prices fluctuate, with the graph below characterising price changes from 2014:

A 457 visa health insurance comparison graph illustrating price changes across the board within 2015.

Some visitors have come to find that HIF 457 visa health insurance is the most affordable solution for them. Let’s look at the reasons why this might be a possibility for some visitors!

457 Visa Health Insurance Comparison Factors Illustrate HIF As The Best Value Budget Cover

Again, after reviewing 457 visa health comparison factors, some do come to the decision that the costs for HIF are more affordable and reasonable for them. In fact, the claim is that it is one of the best budget covers which meets 457 visa requirements:

  • No excess during a stay in the hospital if in a shared room
  • No co-payments during a hospital stay each day
  • One of the more affordable policies at $83.00 per month
  • Cover for all hospital doctor bills (meeting the Medicare Benefits Schedule Fee)
  • There is Repatriation coverage at a limit of $4,000
  • Additional benefits to cover theater and intensive care fees
  • Pharmaceutical prescription drugs are covered
  • Emergency ambulatory transport covered

Best Methods To Compare Health Insurance For 457 Visa Holders?

The current 457 visa health insurance comparison was just followed through on February 10, 2016 and focused on price, policy options and more which have been declared on the 457 visa health fund websites, alongside third party review sites by consumers as well.  Now, these prices and various benefits are clearly subject to change at any time, though we do regularly review the cover policies on a regular basis.  However, it is wise for consumers to verify policy details before they ever make the move to purchase a policy.

You’ll find 457 price increases scheduled regularly on the 457 visa health insurance website, such as what is listed right here last year’s price rise.  The information is accurate and again, comes directly from the health insurance providers own websites, not through an automation service.  This information should only be used for general purposes.  If consumers hope to make the most accurate comparison, it is best to download the policy/policies directly from the health fund websites, then manually compare them.  You can then look over the most critical elements like: prices, primary benefits and waiting periods, if there are any.

Don’t forget that if you consider dropping your 457 health insurance when in Australia you may not only break your visa requirements but you may need to pay more tax. This is due to the medicare levy which is a penalty for not having health insurance when staying in Australia. In many cases, this levy exceeds the price of health insurance for 457 visa holders so make sure you speak to your migration agent and accountant first before considering such a move.