Visitors Coverage Options Through 457 Health Insurance

Visitors coverage health policies ensure an individual, couple, or family has the medical coverage they need to protect their health and their well-being while visiting Australia.  Understandably, visitors are required to meet compulsory visa requirements established by the Dept. of Immigration.  Visitors coverage provided through 457 Health Insurance is guaranteed to meet all of these visitor requirements, while also providing some of the best value budget cover at the same time.

There are coverage options available for singles, couples, and families, and all offer affordability and customisation.  The following policies listed within the chart below share more details of what visitors coverage is offered.  A visitor can also discover what extras can be added too.  Whether visitors are planning to work within Australia and stay long-term, or they are simply visiting for a shorter period–there is a wide range of health care cover solutions.

HIF and Frank cover choices (shown  within the chart) are considered to be two of the more affordable policies.  Both of these work well for visitors who plan to work under a visa.  Visitors can also work around the annual increase in costs with good pre-planning strategies in place. The information included below will help explain how visitors can save and avoid those increasing annual costs with ease.

Also, one of the health funds that is more practical and recommended to those couples visiting long-term is HIF.  Due to the fact that HIF is one of the few ‘not-for-profit’ options available, this is a more flexible option for most.  HIF also provides some of the lowest annual increases and lowest monthly costs.

Visitors Coverage For Singles BUPA 457 Visa Health Insurance

Furthermore, as mentioned, visitors coverage costs can be kept low, just by following a simple strategy that can save a significant amount each year.

How can permanent residents and visitors to Australia avoid these price increases?

For 457 visa holders, there is a technique that has come to be relied upon to keep visitor coverage insurance lower.  Following a pre-payment of a policy such as HIF, and/or Frank (or any other satisfactory to a visitor) is highly recommended.  isitors will have the choice of pre paying for up to 12 months on any one of the cover options provided.  This will lock in the policy rate at the current price, and it will avoid the higher premium costs for a full year, giving that peace of mind visitors need.

If a visitor chooses HIF, they will also receive a 4% discount for prepaying on their policy. Naturally it appears that HIF is the ideal visitors coverage option, if they are carrying basic 457 health insurance. However, on another note, some couples might find it more beneficial to go with health funds like Frank, or Bupa’s classical visitors coverage option.  At any rate, the diagram below illustrates how some of these latter mentioned cost increases can be avoided.

Visitors Coverage Pricing For HIF 457 Health Insurance Promo

It’s important to note that all 457 Visa Holders should be aware they are required to continue to meet all conditions of  8501 while in Australia.  Visitors can change health funds or policies, but must ensure their coverage remains in place during a switch between visitors coverage plans. This helps to avoid any excess fees or waiting periods.  And it also allows a visitor to have the option of shopping around for what best suits them without any penalties.  Let’s take the time now to review what Frank, and potential other choices might provide to a visitor.  

Additional Visitors Coverage Health Fund Options

Frank cover makes insurance so simple and easy, a beginner could interpret it well.  Frank visitors coverage is also a ‘not-for’profit’ option of choice and comes with a wide range of incentives and extras.  You can know exactly what’s covered and what to expect with Frank as well.  Further, Frank has options to help you build and customise a cover plan that is perfect just for you, which is more than ideal to most visitors.  Now, visitors can view the below illustrated chart for price comparisons on various health care options and find out the current costs:

Visitors Coverage Under Frank Overseas Visitor Health Insurance Comparison Table

Franks overseas visitor health cover is the option visitors with 457 visa’s should go with because it guarantees compulsory requirements are met, and compliancy letters can be received within just 24 to 48 hours.  This can put a visitors mind at ease immediately!  And, knowing that they have a cover option that gives them everything they need while in country, allows them to work, or enjoy their visit freely and in leisure!  At the same time, iman also is a great option for visiting couples, singles, or families.  iman also ensures visa requirements are met.  Let’s look a bit closer at iman and see what benefits visitors actually gain when choosing it!

Advantages Of iman visitors coverage options

This cover option also promises a higher level of “in-hospital” and “out-patient” care at affordable values too! The many extras and incentives that can be included without excess costs are also considered advantageous.

Yes! IMAN is one of Australia’s only ‘overseas visitor health cover’ brands, specialising in policies that meet ‘condition 8501. As the subclass 485 visa requires all applicants to show proof that they meet ‘condition 8501’ (adequate health cover) IMAN will provide piece of mind that you will meet this requirement. iman is more than suitable for 457 visa holders.  This is a fund that is over 25 years old and carries 17.000+ members as well.  It is also very affordable, though not cheap.  This is one of the most reasonably priced 457 visa policies, and on 02/02/2016 the average cost for singles was $74.53

IMAN visitors coverage Health Insurance Single Comparison