Visitor Insurance Policies To Compare For 457 Visa Holders

Yes, there is no doubt that visitor insurance policies can be complex to those visitors new to the process.  In fact, when visiting Australia, or any country for that matter–it can feel quite intimidating when reviewing and choosing visitor insurance policies.  The risks for becoming ill or injured while in a foreign country is exponentially higher, this is a fact! However, here, we will demystify the complexity and provide visitors with exactly what they need to know to have a pleasant experience while visiting.  Let’s begin by pointing out that there are 3 health insurance companies/policies visitors can choose from based on their own individual needs:

  • Overseas Visitor Health Insurance Options
  • Overseas Students Health Insurance Options
  • Health Insurance Choices For Permanent Residents

Now, the following chart illustrated below will give a variety of visitors some health cover plans to choose from.  Here they can choose and compare costs and benefits quite easily.  Check out the chart now:

457 Visa Health Insurance 2016 Prices


When you’re a visitor, remember, the right visitor insurance can make all the difference in your experience.  There are so many concerns 457 visa holders might have.  Despite whether or not you’re a short-term visitor, or long-term–comprehending the differences between public hospital treatment and private coverage is important.

For example, public hospital treatment often has a long waiting list, while the private coverage options above can put you ahead of the line and make treatment options more affordable.  For instance, NIB cover options ensure that you not only meet the DIBP visa requirements, but you also avoid public hospital waiting lists, and visitors who go with this cover acquire benefits to cover private treatment, if any becomes necessary.

Now, in the same instant, there are other visitors to Australia who find that iman budget cover is what suits them best, due to the varying incentives and even rebates that are available.  iman does appear to offer the cheapest visitor health cover without ever forsaking the quality of care visitors would expect. iman is actually a subsidiary of NIB, which might explain while it is commonly preferred.

Visit IMAN

The Advantages Of iman Health Insurance Over Competitors

Most certainly, like other health cover plans, iman prices can vary based on whether visitors are single, couples, or coming in as families.  The next three partial 457 visa health insurance comparison charts illustrate some of these variations. Despite the various costs, iman still comes in as one of the more affordable options for 457 visa holders, and it also meets all the 8501 requirements as well.  Take the time now to review these differences:

The below chart is the most current price for singles opting in for iman in 19th of February 2016:

single iman update


This middle chart emphasises the coverage costs for couples:

iman couples price update


The next chart illustrates the cover costs for visitors with families:

IMAN Family 485 Visa Health Insurance Prices is an example of visitor insurance

1) Affordable Costs 
Visitors will find that iman is quite competitive for any and all cover options that include: singles, couples and families. iman offers visitors a top cover option that has extra cover features including: optical and dental benefits

2) Waiting Periods Are Very Reasonable
Overseas visitors with 457 visas will find no long waiting period for hospital treatment due to any incurred accident.  However, rehabilitation and palliative care does have a 2 month waiting period.  Any other waiting periods are centered on pre-existing conditions within 12 months.

3) There are no excessive hospital fees
Hospital excess is only minimal under iman for any overnight service–and even some day stays. Members enjoy theater and intensive ward fees, with no excessive hidden costs.

4) Claim Time Away Credit   
iman gives members an authentic ‘credit for time away,’ which is an exceptional feature within this visitor insurance.  This time away credit can last 4 to 10 weeks while outside Australia.  It’s like putting your cover on layaway when you’re away, but without the fee! Your health coverage simply resumes when you come back.

5) 40+ Years Of Experience In Overseas Visitor Health Insurance 
iman is a pioneer in regards to visitor insurance/overseas visitor health cover funds.  This is a subsidiary of NIB and backed by one of the more notorious Australian health funds.

While the latter mentioned cover plans offer great benefits and coverage options, still some 457 visa holders approve of HIF for their visitor insurance!  Let’s look at why HIF is often one of the more common cover choices of visitors.

HIF 457 Visa Waiting PeriodsIs HIF Health Coverage The Right Visitor Insurance For You?

HIF is one of the most rapidly growing health funds in Australia today, for good reason.  While it is known to be a not-for-profit cover company, it also offers advantages to overseas visitors other visitor insurance plans can’t seem to match.  HIF is also one of the more affordable cover options as well.  HIF also satisfies all 8501 requirements, and members can receive their compliancy letter digitally, to save time and also have peace of mind.  HIF is very easy to switch to from another cover plan, and often times the company does the majority of the paperwork for the member.

HIF is one of the few health coverage funds that has provided visitors with a comprehensive way to approach waiting periods and pre-existing health conditions/injuries.  This helps alleviate a great deal of stress for a 457 visa holder that has to meet DIBP requirements.  Visitors will find relevant information in the chart below (related to waiting periods for treatment services:

457 visa holders can find flexibility and affordability with all of the previous plans mentioned, but there are also other competitive coverage options one can choose from.  These, listed here, are some of the more popular choices.  The majority of cover options are also comprehensive and come in different tiers so that a visitor can choose the right kind of visitor insurance coverage they require as individuals, couples or families.

A cheap 457 visa health insurance policy like HIF can be complementary to those who come from a country with a reciprocal health care agreement such as the UK. While these residents can get Medicare this ‘safety net’ doesn’t cover all medical expenses. Additionally, these 457 visa holders can be taxed at a higher rate if they don’t have 457 health insurance due to the Medicare Levy surcharge. In fact, for many 457 visa holder on Medicare, it is cheaper to have 457 visa health insurance than to pay the additional tax caused by the levy.

It’s for the reasons above that it’s critical to find the right 457 visa health insurance policy to suit you and just as importantly, if your thinking of dropping your policy (as you receive Medicare) to talk to your accountant first. While health insurance in Australia is not compulsory for permanent residents (who all have Medicare) the majority of people still have it highlighting the influence