Price Increases To 457 Visa Couples Cover

Recently the Federal Government approved a 5.6 per cent average premium increase across private health insurance providers in Australia.

Many health insurers withheld exact details of their price increases until the last possible moment, but as of April 1 every provider was required to not only make these details publicly accessible but also to communicate the changes to their members. To see further details about prices increases to Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance, view our comparison table.

As a point of comparison, we analyse the price changes of basic Couples Cover across  number of Australia’s biggest health insurance providers below. Each of the providers examined meets the necessary requirements for 457 Visa holders:



Was: $152 per month

Now: $159.98 per month

Increase: $7.98 per month


Was: $158.17 per month

Now: $164.45 per month

Increase: $6.28 per month


Was: $178.42 per month

Now: $182.38 per month

Increase: $3.96 per month


Was: $219.60 per month

Now: $228.30 per month

Increase: $8.70 per month

Australian Unity

Was: $332.50 per month

Now: $186.55 per month

Decrease: $145.95 per month

Such a significant decrease in price most likely reflects significant changes in policy.


You can also view our singles 457 Health Insurance Table on this site.