Frank Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance

Frank couples 457 visa health insurance is one of the more reliable ways of guaranteeing compliancy with the Department Of Immigration within Australia.  This older health fund is a subsidiary of GMHBA Limited–one of the strongest and wider berth health funds available to visitors and those on short or long-term working visas.  This cover provides health insurance all across Australia, so it is perfect for visitors anywhere within the country, especially keeping 457 visa compliancy in mind.  Currently, there are over 250,000 members.

Directly below, visitors seeking more information about health cover options can compare some of these quite easily by visiting the links.  It is easily seen that Frank couples 457 visa health insurance is one of the cheapest offers when compared to many of the other health funds listed.  These rates are from 2015.

Frank couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Price Comparison

Remember, Frank meets all DIBP requirements, and couples can receive a compliancy letter pretty fast.  This can be traditionally mailed, or a couple can receive it through email.  So, as a couple, when you become a member of the Frank health fund you immediately have:

  • Access to a lower cost option without hidden fees and excessive charges

  • A cover that is kept simple and very easy to understand

  • An immediate way to acquire that compliancy letter for your 457 visa application

  • All you need for basic health cover in Australia

Another great feature of Frank couples 457 visa health insurance lies in how the private hospital cover is affordably included.  This allows visitors more control over their personal health treatment options.  HIF and Australian Unity offer similar features as well, and are included on the minimized chart below.  However, Frank couples 457 visa health insurance is lower in costs for the private hospital cover, a feature that couples on a budget are very fond of.
Frank couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Price Comparison

So, having the option to visit any hospital or medical provider within Australia at an extremely affordable value is a feature that most want in their health cover.  This helps individuals feel they have more flexibility with their health cover and treatment.  Visitors can be guaranteed that if they become sick, or suffer some form of injury, they don’t have to go to any agreement hospital like those through Medibank are faced with.  Private patient care is offered without an excess charges through Frank.

Frank’s health insurance is a “not-for-profit” cover option, which makes it ideal.  This is the reason why Frank cover is more affordable and even flexible in some respects.  In other words, Frank couples 457 visa health insurance doesn’t fund shareholders and isn’t required to.  Any excess revenue pulled in is shared and recycled back through the fund through lower costs, incentives and extra features.  This illustrated chart goes through some of the differences in services and costs for visitors.  This will help couples, singles and families find the most viable health fund cover plan most practical for them.  Now, there are some disadvantages concerning Frank coverage, and this is what will be reviewed next.

Frank couples 457 visa health insurance comparison table in Australia

What Are The Disadvantages Of Frank Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance

1) Hospital Excess

Some health cover options do have hospital excess drawbacks.  For instance, Medibank has a $300 excess and Frank couples 457 visa health has a $500 excess per individual on a plan.  This simply means that you have the first out of pocket expense, which is the $500 that goes towards your hospital stay.  However, if you have multiple hospital visits this excess is capped and you won’t have to pay again.

Frank couples 457 visa health insurance also has a co-payment for private room stays in the hospital.  This is around $100 per night on average.  If you choose a shared room you can avoid a fee such as this.  Frank provides an alternative solution while many other health funds don’t, so this can again be viewed as a pro or con, based on individual needs.

Despite a negative such as this, Frank’s still guarantees a member can go to any one of the 460 hospitals across Australia, either private, or public.  There are also additional discounts and benefits for members who choose to go to a hospital that has an agreement with Frank.


While there are limitations that Frank couples 457 visa health insurance has, it is still a fund that meets the 8501 requirement for those working within the country. When you have a policy that meets the 8501 condition, you know you’ll be meeting any minimum standard set aside by the Australian government.  Sadly, many providers don’t offer coverage that takes care of this requirement, but Frank’s and several others do, as the top 5 are listed below:

Frank couples 457 visa health insurance comparisons in Australia
2) Following Up On Limited Cover Options

Frank couples 457 visa health insurance does have some limited cover issues, but none which are too extreme.  Many policies do have some limitations, which is why there is a variety of options for visitors to choose from.  This simply ensures every individual can get the right cover they need, without having to pay any additional fees as well.  So, this could be a pro or con–depending upon individual circumstances and needs.  However, for those who do want better premiums, such as with private hospital care for pregnancy–Australian Unity might be a more viable cover plan for this particular health situation.

Visiting the Frank’s insurance fund website can provide more valuable information for those potential members with unanswered questions.  Ensuring you research and analyze each health policy option is important to guarantee you get what you need!  It is recommended to take your time and look at all of the benefits available through each health policy.

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