HIF Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance

Today, 457 visa applicants do have to provide some form of evidence of health insurance when visiting Australia. There are numerous plans and options available, but HIF couples 457 visa health insurance is one of the most affordable and popular health cover solutions to date. HIF provides couples with sensible health care coverage with no hidden fees, or excessive charges for those extras.

HIF was established in 1954, with the intention of providing affordable cover option solutions, and this company has done just this. It is one of the fastest growing health funds within Australia, for good reason. Not only is it a not-for-profit plan; it also guarantees returns to members in the form of lower premiums, reliable rebate savings and other extra benefits that ensure couples have exactly what they need when it comes down to their health care options.

HIF Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Analysis

The updated couples 457 visa health insurance comparison chart listed below illustrates some of the top policy funds which guarantee the 8501 requirement is met for 457 visa holders:

April price for couples HIF

Now, important to point out for couples who are interested in continuing their education within Australia, HIF is found to meet the DIBP requirements. Couples, who are graduate students can easily obtain a temporary working visa.  You’ll also find that HIF offers 3 excellent coverage plans that come with added benefits without excessive fees as well. Couples can choose from the following 3 cover plans:

  • The Essentials:  provides coverage for all of your basic health needs, plus might allow you to save money during tax time, but it is recommended that age and individual health conditions be considered for adequate coverage.
  • The Intermediate:  this is considered that “middle of the road” cover, but does have some extra cover features.  This helps couples avoid having to pay extreme amounts for coverage that they don’t need, or won’t ever use.
  • The Comprehensive Plan:  This provides you with everything you need, and covers every aspect of care.  It is idea for those who want that cushiony protection, even though they might never use it, but they can afford it.

You can be rest assured that your visa requirements will certainly be met with this cover option, and you’ll receive the best care possible–if circumstances occur that require health services.  Remember, you can elect a provider and you won’t have to worry about any of your benefits being lowered either.  Costs stay the same, no matter what! Switching to HIF from another health fund is fairly easy as well, with the majority of the paperwork being take care of by the company! This allows you to make a switch any time you’re ready, without stress. It’s exactly what the doctor ordered!

Clearly, HIF provides couples, and singles with exceptional products and services that improve their lives and protect their health.  This might be why it is one of the most rapidly growing health funds within the economy today (as mentioned).  Some claim that a longer lifespan and more control over one’s own health care is gained.  This form of private health care awards singles the ability to choose their own providers, gain quicker service, and actually lower their out-of-pocket expenses too.  The following chart below gives an idea of what can be expected for singles, among a number of different plans.  Visitors to Australia will find that HIF is one of the more convenient, and again one of the most easily accessible with options that can be customised to fit one’s own needs perfectly.  This is a comparison of a singles plan below:

Newest image update for HIF and others

Still, as we’ve mentioned, HIF couples 457 visa health insurance is a viable solution for so many couples in various stages of life and within varying economics.  From 2014 to 2016, HIF was one of the very few health funds to have increased coverage prices by the most minimal amount.  Considering the exceptional benefits and the most competitive features among competitors in Australia, HIF is a logical solution for couples, singles, and families who are on a work visa, or again, who are graduate students looking to expand upon their knowledge and experience. The below listed chart illustrates how HIF only increases costs slightly, compared to other health funds that rise considerably.

Chart illustrating slight price increases for HIF couples 457 visa health insurance

Why Should You Choose HIF Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance?

As has been previously stated, HIF is considered more affordable, with no hidden fees and no extravagant costs for additional benefits and services either.  It meets all requirements of the DIBP, and guarantees those visiting temporarily, or those relocating will receive all of the service and care they need while in Australia.  The key points listed below list some other reasons as to why couples should consider HIF for their visa health insurance cover fund.

  • There are a variety of options available for couples to choose from, with guaranteed access to over 500 hospitals within Australia.  Private hospital coverage is also available.
  • Switching to HIF is easier than most, which promises a smooth transition for couples.  The majority of paperwork is carried out by the health fund.
  • HIF provides middle of the road options without excessive costs for additional services.
  • Members are rewarded with higher rebate opportunities and lower premiums than most.

It is recommended that visitors take their time to examine the full benefits provided by each of the top 5 competitors for health coverage within Australia.  This will guarantee that each individual gets more than just the standard requirements.  The goal is to go above and beyond, while holding on to low costs as well.  Take the time to review through the comparison chart illustrated below for singles in 2016:

New April Prices

Now, you might be wondering if there are any waiting periods for some of the coverage benefits provided by HIF for couples.  With the HIF couples 457 visa health insurance, there are some, but not an excessive amount.  Let’s take a quick look.

Are There Waiting Periods For Some Benefits For HIF Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance?

  • There is a 2 month waiting period for psychiatric care, rehabilitative and palliative care regardless of whether or not the condition was pre-existing
  • Women will encounter a 12 month waiting period for any obstetric care, as well as for care that is derivative of a pre-existing condition 

On a final note, and with regard to your visa compliance letter–couples will receive this letter immediately after becoming members of this health fund.  This could be through email, or traditional mail if preferred. This is also applicable for singles 457 visa health cover.