Medibank Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance

Medibank couples 457 visa health insurance cover does offer comprehensive health care solutions for many visitors.  This health cover is government owned and was actually privatized in 2014. Medibank is also found to have one of the highest market shares for permanent residents in Australia.  However, when it comes to the 457 visa health insurance plan, the market share is significantly lower due to only minimal brand recognition.  Still, this is one of the oldest and largest health funds within the country.  Medibank couples 457 visa health insurance options provide various tier levels for singles, couples and families too.

Medibank couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Prices Vs Competitors

There are flexible options available to couples to help manage the costs of care.  Medibank allows couples to mix and match their cover, which awards more flexibility, something many visitors really are looking for in a cover plan.  To put it simply, couples want a cover plan that not only puts more power in their hands, but which allows them to build a package that allows for the hospital cover and coverage extras they want.  This guarantees that the health cover package is going to meet their specific needs as a couple.  Medibank is aware everyone is different, and no financial situation is the same, which is why there are a variety of flexible choices to keep medical costs affordable.

Medibank couples 457 visa Health Insurance comparison This health fund also offers three levels of care for visiting couples: basic, essential and comprehensive.  Couples should remember that these aforementioned combination features can be awarded to meet a specific financial budget.  It’s a fact that this type of cover option can help to keep costs minimal and actually keep in hospital treatment care costs lower too.  The above comparison chart of health cover plans can allow visitors to begin comparing their options now.  

Does Medibank Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Meet The Department Of Immigration Visa Compliance?

Yes, Medibank guarantees couples who apply, and are approved for Medibank couples 457 visa health insurance–these individuals will meet all requirements established by the Dept. Of Immigration.  However, couples have to consistently maintain their health coverage while in Australia, or they can be faced with penalties and other non-compliance fees regulated by the government. Also, it is important to point out that visitors can not have the same insurance cover through Medibank that permanent residents have the options to purchase.

Positive Strengths Of Medibank Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance

1) Private Hospital Cover

Medibank couples cover provides coverage for public, or private hospital treatment and care.  This includes inpatient service, or outpatient.  However, the benefits for private accommodations are lower if you go to a hospital that does not have an agreement with Medibank.  Members aren’t always guaranteed private rooms either.

2) Mi Health Support Services

Medibank does offer some authentic features, such as the Mi health access for policy holders.  This does include a wide berth of support services including: 24/7 nurse on call, support tools, mobile health app and numerous online health tips, strategies and other helpful health information.

3) Medical Repatriation Cover

There is no limit for medical repatriation cover with Medibank for singles, couples, or families. What this means for visitors is that, when a medical necessity is proven, an individual is repatriated back to their own country without excess costs or out-of-pocket expenses.  This is quite different from other 457 visitor health cover policies.

Medibank Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Comparison

The illustration above offers a comparison of Medibank working visa hospital cover and HIF essentials cover. One clear drawback that Medibank working visa hospital cover has lies in its inflexibility.  Visitors face some limits with this specific cover option, and other extras aren’t available.  HIF policies don’t seem to have any limits such as this. HIF for visitors is known well for it’s affordability and flexibility. For instance, HIF gives visitors elements that can be customized to fit their own specific needs.  For example, if a visitor visits a vision specialist more often, they can choose an extra cover option that focuses on optical services. The same holds true when it comes to dental or physical therapy services.  Because of this lack of flexibility, Medibank is often not suited for some 457 visa applicants.

Medibank Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Most Affordable Options

One of the more affordable cover plans for Medibank is the option better known as “working visa hospital insurance”.  While this costs more than some of the more popular plans, it offers some extra benefits as well.  This cover isn’t suited for everyone, but for those who find it ideal, it can bring that peace of mind.  Again, all plans do meet the visa requirements for visitors.  The illustration listed below shows some of the prices for 485 visa holders, which are very similar to 457 visa holders.

Medibank couples 457 visa health insurance comparison

Medibank does have hospital excess of $300, unlike HIF and IMAN.  If a member requires hospital treatment then they must first meet $300 out-of-pocket expenses.  However, this doesn’t apply to children which are on a family plan.  This is also per person on an annual basis.

Other Key Factors

  1. GP cover requires a premium policy–if a visitor chooses the option of the working visa hospital insurance under Medibank, this doesn’t include visits to a GP.  The policy would have to be upgraded to Working Visa & Medical Insurance which would then cover 50% more than the latter plan.  Visitors should certainly compare various Medibank cover health plans to ensure the best value is received.

Medibank Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Comparison

The various illustrated charts detailing price comparisons were recently updated on February 10, 2016.  The primary focus has been on the various policy options visitors can choose from.  It is critical for visitors to understand that these prices are subject to change, though here, we regularly review and update them.  It is wise for visitors to verify policy details at the main websites before they make the decision to purchase a specific policy.  If couples are interested in the Medibank couples 457 visa insurance cover, they can click through to that site through the comparison chart above.

The information here is wholly accurate and is pulled from the providers website manually. Visitors should use this information as a guide and for general purposes only.