Top 457 Health Insurance for Couples

A couples 457 visa application requires evidence of 457 visa health insurance.
The policies below meet these requirements for both parties.

Compare couples top 457 visa health insurance policies on the below table.

Couples 457 visa health insurance
457 Visa Health Cover Comparison Logos
457 Visa Health Cover Logos


  • Price (Monthly)
  • DIBP 457
  • Public Hospital Accom
  • Private Hospital Accom
  • After Hospital Out Patient
  • GP Visits Included
  • Repatriation For Medical Reason
  • Pregnancy Cover
  • Ambulance For Emergencies
  • Dental and Optical Cost (Extras)
  • Key Area(s) To Note
  • Place Holder

IMAN Value Family Cover

Workers Cover Plus + Comp. Extras

Comprehensive With Super Options

Purchase HIF 457 Visa Health Insurance

Medibank 457 Visa Family Insurance

Top 85 Visitor Health Insurance

IMAN Top Cover

BUPA Gold 457 Visa Health Cover

Gold Cover + Platinum Extras

This information is indicative and provided for general information only.
Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting period.

This policy is a good match for this health insurance item
This policy only covers some areas of this health insurance item
This policy does not offer comprehensive cover of this insurance item

HIF Has Excellent Value Top Couples 457 Health Insurance

Based on the table above, couples looking for top cover should consider HIF Comprehensive Working Visa (with $500 excess) and Super Options.

This top level 457 visa health insurance cover from HIF was recommended because:

  • It has the lowest priced premium cover ($585.55 as of the 1st of April 2016)
  • It includes full cover for hospital accommodation
  • It includes a private room in a private hospital
  • Full ambulance cover is included
  • The fund has strong reviews from past/current customers
  • Offering excellent extras cover from dental to optical

This recommendation was based on the author’s comparison of 457 visa health insurance policies on the 1st of April 2016 (1/01/2016) when a manual review of each fund’s website. The HIF policy with a $500 excess was chosen for this comparison in order to reduce the monthly premium of the premium cover. This excess of $500 per person covered under the policy per overnight admission to a maximum of $1,000 per policy per calendar year. The excess does not apply to same-day surgery.

Medibank has a $300 excess while IMAN has no excess. While no excess is ideal, the price difference between IMAN and HIF is $1302.60 if annualised over a 12-month period as of May 2014. Therefore, if you need to go to the hospital once during your stay you will still be $287.12 ahead, as far as your total health insurance costs for the year. As the maximum payable is $1,000 the worse case scenario would see you out of pocket by $213.88 in a year which the authors felt was an acceptable amount for premium healthcare services. There is an option to not have an excess with HIF, but the price increase was too high for this to be the chosen as an ideal policy option in this ‘top couples’ comparison.

If your looking for lower cover view our 457 visa health insurance table for couples. The policy includes an excess which an individual must pay towards a hospital treatment. This top 85 Medibank policy has a $300 hospital excess per policy per calendar year. The key strengths of the policy is the in-hospital medical benefits that are paid out for services provided by a doctor or specialist (as stated under the cover) and listed under the Medical Benefit Scheme. An example could be a surgeon’s fees and anesthetist’s fees. Out of hospital medical benefits are also provided by when provided by a doctor or specialist that are listed under the MBS. 

The policy also has very high level of extras cover. The ‘super options’ package includes some unique elements including Assisted Reproductive Drugs (e.g. IVF), asthmatic spacers, auxiliary home nursing, blood glucose and/or pressure monitors, diabetes education, hearing aids, nebulisers, humidifiers, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological consults, peak-flow meters and orthodontic appliances.  Like with all health funds there are some waiting periods depending on the individual extras offered and there are annual limits on the amount you can claim per policy per year.

HIF Top Cover Extras 457 Visa Health Insurance Claims

Policy prices and benefits may change after this review and it’s recommended that individuals download all policy documents for a more detailed and up-to-date 457 visa health insurance comparison to ensure they select the right cover. We recommend you view our buyers’ guide for health insurance tips on our site.

While the authors of have made their best attempt at creating an accurate 457 visa health insurance comparison table, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of all elements and is happy to make changes based on any feedback provided by individuals or representatives of the health funds. Therefore, this 457 visa health insurance comparison information is indicative and provided as a general information guide only. Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting periods. Find out more about the Australian healthcare system here.