Australian Unity Family 457 Health Insurance

If you are looking for family 457 health insurance, then you will be going through the rigmarole of working through visa applications with your family. An important part of this is ensuring that you get the appropriate health insurance. Though this may seem like an oddity to you (as many people in the world do not need private health insurance) it is all quite simple. You just need to get the right one.

So, is Australian Unity family 457 health insurance the right one?


Though there are many important reasons to get health insurance – much more than visa considerations – at the same time, you will need to meet your 457 visa work requirements. Otherwise you will not be entering Australia anyway. The good news is that Australian Unity family 457 health insurance is compliant and will help you with your visa applications.

In fact not only us Australian Unity family 457 health insurance compliant, but it is specially designed to meet the requirements, and they will express your letter of compliance to help you with your application. To find out more about your 457 visa work requirements, you can visit Immigration Australia here.


Though health care should be more than just money – certainly when your family is involved – it is important to make sure you get a good price, just like any product! As we can see from our chart below (and here), this is a mid range product in terms of price (it is neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive).

Australian Unity family 457 health insurance Comparison basic package

This is not the best policy available for you in terms of price, but neither is it overly expensive. Then it seems quite reasonable, so maybe it is an option. But we need to look a closer at the policy to see what else is within this to see if we really can get any value.

However, that said, when we look at the top notch policy they offer (which is with all the extras and bells and whistles possible), it is a plan that comes good and offer the most robust cover. So for those that want their family insured all the way, then this could be for you!

Australian Unity family 457 health insurance comparison


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A very important thing to check when taking out a family 457 health insurance policy, is whether the plan has any excess attached to it. If there is an excess, your policy may well be cheap, but you could then end up paying large bills when you actually try to use your insurance. This is obviously not ideal!

As you can see from the chart above, Australian Unity family 457 health insurance has no excess attached to it. This is excellent news, as it will help you avoid charges should you try to use your policy – which is a huge factor in the value of your plan!


However, though Australian Unity family 457 health insurance does not have an excess charge attached to it, depending on the level of your cover, it may only pay out on doctors fees at the rate of MBS. MBS is the rate at which Medicare will pay for things. However, sadly Medicare has not kept up with the rates of medical services today, so though a policy may pay at 100% of MBS, this could leave you out of pocket!

Australian Unity family 457 health insurance comes with different levels of cover, and at the lower levels will not cover you more than 100% of MBS. This is then a cause for concern and something you should take into account.

Mixing it up

On the brightside, this plan does allow to you to mix hospital cover with extras. The hospital cover is the main part of most private health insurance, with dental and the like offered as extras. Though these extras are incredibly important and something you should have on your policy, many of the providers of family 457 health insurance will not allow you to mix and match with extras. This means you have to take out an entire new policy to get cover, and usually at a much higher rate.

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Australian Unity family 457 health insurance does allow you to mix and match on extras, which is very important in getting you and your family the most robust cover possible.

No Private Hospital Cover

It is then unfortunate that Australian Unity family 457 health insurance does not offer private hospital cover on its basic plan – and even on the higher plans this is only with pre-agreed hospitals. This is certainly less than ideal for a private health insurance to offer such limited treatment options, and you can in fact get much better care overall from other providers, let alone at this price.

However, again this is only a problem at the basic level, and Australian Unity does offer cover at different levels. So, if you are willing to spend more then this is not a problem.

No option for private room

This then continues into private rooms, and with the budget plan you may have to share a room with up to five people. This would be fine if the policy was much cheaper than others that offer private room cover, but this is not the fact. It is then hard to say that this is particularly good value – because it is not!

Again, this is only an issue on the basic package (though it is not always an issue with other providers even with basic cover). If you are looking at the most robust cover Australian Unity offers then you will be okay.


If we then look at the reviews for Australian Unity family 457 health insurance, we do see that they are not faring very well. Again, this should give you pause for concern. However, we can also see that these poor reviews are not from that many people, so it could be worse. But at minimum, their service is hardly so stunning that it leads people to tell others.

Is Australian Unity family 457 health insurance for you?

So, is Australian Unity family 457 health insurance for you? It isn’t expensive, and it does give you the ability to mix and match with extras. Plus there is no excess! However, with the budget cover only giving 100% MBS, no private hospitals and no private rooms, it doesn’t really sound as if it delivers all that much. So though it doesn’t cost much, you could probably get a better deal elsewhere when it comes to Basic plans.

However, if you are looking for the highest level of cover, you will get the best value possible here and should definitely give it a go!

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