Family HIF 457 Health Insurance

If you are moving to Australia to work on a visa, then there are many hoops that you need to jump through. This includes getting health insurance, which is an essential part of your 457 visa work requirements. Though to many getting private health insurance is an odd thing as it is not so prevalent, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Like any product, you just need to compare the options and get the one that fits you best. So, is this family HIF 457 health insurance?


Health insurance is about much more than getting visas, and it is best that you get the most robust cover for you and your family – which we will discuss. However, at the same time, you do need to make sure that your health insurance is compliant with the 457 visa work conditions; otherwise you won’t be able to enter Australia anyway.

The good news is that family HIF 457 health insurance does indeed meet 457 visa work requirements. In fact, it is an especially designed policy. This means that not only does it meet all the requirements, but HIF will also express your letter of compliance to expedite your visa application.

If you need anymore information on 457 visa requirements, you can find it at Australia Immigration here.

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Value of policy

Next, it is best to look at the value of family HIF 457 health insurance. This is based largely on price, but also takes into account many of the things that you get with the policy (and don’t get). Of course health insurance is important, and especially when it comes to your family you should ensure that you get robust cover. This however does not mean you should pay more than you need to!

As you can see from the chart below (or here), family HIF 457 health insurance is not the cheapest policy there is. This is based on basic cover, bit it is the same case no matter what level of cover you choose, it still always fall roughly in between the others as shown below.

Family HIF 457 Health Insurance comparison

When it comes to value, family HIF 457 health insurance may not be the cheapest, but it certainly is not the most expensive either. All in all, when we look at how the costs stack up, it is quite reasonable, and much cheaper many of their competitors.


When it comes to cost and value in accessing family HIF 457 health insurance against other policies, excess is an important factor. Many policies have excess for hundreds of dollars, which means that should you actually use your policy, you will have to pay out. This really affects the value of your policy, as though many carry cheap upfront costs, the reality can be very different later.

As you can see from the chart above, family HIF 457 health insurance carries no excess charge. So though it may not be the cheapest policy that is available (or the most expensive), it is a more reasonable when you take this into account. No excess is an important factor when balancing health insurance policies that you actually want to use.

Excellent flexibility

An excellent benefit of family HIF 457 health insurance is that you can mix and match your policy. That means that you can add extras like dental and so on with ease, without having to take on another policy. This is something that many companies do not offer, and when you are looking to take care of your family with health care, this is a big bonus that is well worth taking note of.

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No private hospital cover

There are a couple of down points to family HIF 457 health insurance, and one is that there is no private hospital cover included in their policy. This is quite a poor point, as other companies do offer cover at any hospital (private or public). This is certainly less than ideal and should give pause for thought.

No private room

Another poor point is that you do not get cover for private rooms with family HIF 457 health insurance, unless you get the top level cover. This is fine for those that do want to fork out for the highest amount of cover (and there are many reasons why you should), it is not so great for those on a budget that may want to save a few bucks.

Good reviews

It is, however, good to see that family HIF 457 health insurance do have many food reviews and are highly rated on our site. This will down to transparency (the lack of which that causes problems later, is often why people get marked down). But this does show that family HIF 457 health insurance is a professional health cover that will do what it says it will do.

Is family HIF 457 health insurance for you?

So the big question, is family HIF 457 health insurance for you? This depends on a number of factors. For one, they are reasonably priced when it comes to upfront costs, and they don’t have any excess on the back end – which gives much more value. They also give the ability to mix and match your policy with extras, which is very important!

However, there is no private room cover unless you get the top cover, and no private hospital cover either. This then means that it may well not be the best for some, depending on your budget and what you are willing to fork out.

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