IMAN Family 457 Health Insurance

If you need to meet your 457 visa work requirements, you are going to need health insurance. This may seem foreign to people from some countries, but not only is it necessary to get your visa, it is an important part of staying in Australia – especially if you have your family to care for. Like all things, it is worth getting the right family 457 health insurance right from the start that will give you the cover you need for your time in Australia.

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Though health insurance is about much more than getting your visa, it is important to ensure that the policy you choose meets your 457 visa work requirements. IMAN has designed their family 457 health insurance especially to meet your visa needs, and it meets the 457 visa work requirements. Plus they will ensure that the express your letter of compliance to ensure that you can proceed with your visa application with ease. To find out more about your 457 visa work requirements, you can visit Immigration Australia here.


The next step is to understand what value you get from IMAN. Value, of course, being a mix between price and what is included in the policy. There are in fact different answers to this, which depends on the level of cover you choose.

IMAN Family 457 Health Insurance budget comparison

As we can see from the chart above (which you can use here), IMAN family 457 health insurance budget policy is on the more expensive side, and we have not rated it as a recommended policy based on both price and what they offer. This then means that if you are looking at taking on your family 457 health insurance based only on the least expensive option, IMAN is not recommended.

IMAN Family 457 Health Insurance some extras comparison

However, if you are seeking a policy that offers you Some Extras on top of your basic policy, then IMAN is our recommended policy. Extras include things like dental and all the other bits and bobs that you could need – especially with a family. As family 457 health insurance is about more than just visas, it is always a good idea to get as much cover as possible, and it is worth taking on a policy with at least some extras.

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When accessing the value of a policy, it is important to check whether there is hospital excess attached. This can radically change the price of the policy when you actually try to use it. The good news is that IMAN family 457 health insurance does not have any excess attached, so you do not need to worry about extra costs when using your policy.

Private hospital

When taking on family 457 health insurance, many people would just assume that they are covered for both private and public hospitals. However, this is not always the case, and many providers do not cover for private hospitals, or have restrictions based on agreements they have.

This is not an issue with IMAN family 457 health insurance, and you will be covered for private hospital stays. This gives a lot of security with your policy, meaning you do not have to be concerned about which hospital you can use under your cover.

Private room

On IMAN’s basic level family 457 health insurance, you will be covered for private room stays. This means that you could have to share a room with other patients. This is less than ideal. However, this is not the case with the higher levels of cover (which are worth considering for many reasons), which will include private room stays.

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Many people like to mix and match their hospital policy with extras cover. This is not possible with IMAN on the basic package, and you will have to take on a whole other policy for your extras. However, IMAN does offer recommended packages with extras, so you can get family 457 health insurance and extras cover for a reasonable price.

Prices are dependent

It is important to understand that prices for IMAN are variable. Though the prices indicated here are up to date as they advertise them, you may find that when you apply you get a different price. This can be based on a number of factors, and is hard to predict. However, you can get a no obligation quote and see what this policy will actually cost for your and your family. You may just need to do a little price comparison again before accepting.


When we look at the reviews collected on IMAN family 457 health insurance, they do not fare very well. This comes down mostly to service and the variable prices. However, though it is always important to take feedback into account, it is also worth noting that there are not that many reviews for IMAN, so it does reflect a small pool and may not be reflective of everyone’s experience.

Is IMAN Family 457 Health Insurance for you?

Whether IMAN family 457 health insurance is for you is really dependent on the level of cover you need. If you are looking for a basic package that is as cheap as possible, there are other providers who offer more for less. However, it is definitely worth considering the more robust options, and if this is the case then IMAN family 457 health insurance could well be for you – especially if you are looking for the Some Extras area of cover.

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