Top 457 Visa Health Insurance For Families

It is compulsory for all family members on a 457 visa to have meet 'condition 8501'.
The policies below meet this health insurance condition & provide comprehensive hospital & extras cover.

Compare the top 457 visa family health insurance policies below.

Family 457 visa health insurance
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  • Price (Monthly)
  • DIBP 457
  • Public Hospital Accommodation
  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • After Hospital Out Patient
  • GP Visits Included
  • Repatriation For Medical Reason
  • Pregnancy Cover
  • Ambulance For Emergencies
  • Dental and Optical Cost (Extras)
  • Key Area(s) To Note
  • Place Holder
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Workers Cover Plus + Comp. Extras

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Comprehensive Cover & Extras

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Top 85 Visitor Health Insurance

Gold Visitors Cover With Platinum Extras

Top Cover

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Australia Unity Has The Best Value Top 457 Visa Family Health Insurance

Families that are applying for a 457 visa or hold this visa subclass and are looking for the top level of hospital and extras 457 visa health insurance should consider the Australia Unity Workers Cover Plus policy.

The Australian Unity 457 Visa Workers Cover Plus Policy:

  • Is priced at $529.15 with no excess and comprehensive excess. This is the lowest priced policy at the ‘top family’ cover level.
  • Is ideal for those looking to be FULLY covered for private hospital accommodation and theatre fees.
  • Provides cover for doctor, specialist fees, in-hospital pharmacy and surgical prosthesis.
  • Includes medically necessary ambulance transportation
  • Includes out-of-hospital features such as fees for doctors, specialists and non PBS prescription medication.
  • Has a $0 excess at the $529.15 price (the policy reduced to $425.90 monthly with a $500 excess).

Once the purchase for the Australian unity workers cover plus + comprehensive extras – $0 excess policy has been finalised you will instantly be e-mailed a visa letter showing you have adequate cover to meet condition 8501 for you and your family. If you are applying for the subclass 457 visa or any other working visa that has condition 8501 you need to attach this letter to your application as proof you meet this condition.

Australian Unity is one of Australia’s oldest and largest health insurers and offers healthcare, investments, retirement living and personal financial services. The company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange under the code AYU. Australian Unity Limited is not a company with listed shares but a mutual company owned by its current 320,000 members. This corporate governance structure is one of the key reasons that it has been able to offer such competitive prices at this premium policy level of the market. You can view Australian Unity 457 Visa reviews from current and past policy holders and read more information on the health fund on this site.

How This Family Top 457 Health Insurance Comparison Was Created

In April 2016 (04/01/2016) the owners of this website visited each of the website that offer 457 visa health insurance to find the most suitable policies for a family looking for top cover not only for hospital but also extras such as dental and optical. This panel includes an Australian registered doctor who has also worked within the health insurance industry. Based on factors ranging from price, excess, features and restrictions the leading five policies were displayed and then featured on the table above based on price. While Australian Unity is the cheapest in the table and is considered ‘best value’ it was factoring on all the elements above that determined this final recommendation. Unlike most comparison sites, the ‘top 5’ 457 visa health policies were featured irrelevant of any commissions that may exist. No personal information is requested and when you’re ready to purchase the policy that suits you just click on the ‘visit website’ and your directed to the health funds site to make the transaction.

All the features and prices shown on this site were not gained through an API and computer scraping software but manually by real people. As this is the case, prices and policy information may change by the health funds without notice. The information therefore shown on 457 visa compared should be used as a guide only. The best comparison you could make is to visit each 457 visa health fund’s website and download their policy PDF which has all their detailed policy information. If you find any information on this site which is outdated or needs correction please contact the authors using the contact us form and the changes will be made in a prompt manner.