September 2013 Price Rises For The 457 Visa

The second price rise for 2013 has taken effect for overseas visitors looking to work in Australia on a professional visa.

The price rise see’s the price of a single on a 457 visa increased from $455 earlier in the year to $900 in July to $1,035. This is an increase of 227%.

For families the price rise is exponentially higher. Earlier in the year the price of a family of four was the same as a single at $455. This increased to $2,250 in July and again increased in September to $5,050 (an increase of 1,110%.

457 Visa Fee Increase

The increases will raise the Australian government $542.5 million dollars (UDS) over the next four years and comes during the Australian election campaign where migration is key political issue.

While there is are few experts objecting to visa price increases to offset processing costs, the scale has caused many to speak out against the dramatic increase. This is especially true in the health sector which is reliant on 457 visa holders filling the skill shortage. With 12,600 457 visa holders currently in this sector any reduction in applicants could have an impact on Australia’s ageing population.

It’s not expected for any further increase to occur until July 2013. 457 Visa Health Insurance which is compulsory for 457 visa applicants increases each year in April. The 457 visa health insurance price rises in 2013 were modest and while the cost of healthcare is increasing in Australia, 2014 changes will be extremely modest compared to the rise in application charges for the 457 visa.

Price Rise 457 Visa