HBF 457 Visa Health Insurance Review

HBF is one of Australia’s largest health funds with over 900,000 members throughout Australia. They are Western Australian based and was established over 70 years ago.

HBF has no shareholders so there is no need to produce an ROI and pay out dividends. This allows the health fund to focus on improving the services they deliver and offer lower priced then some of their competitors. Their budget policies are more pricey then some of their competitors but their mid and top range products are highly competitive and have great packages for individuals with specific needs.

The HBF 457 health insurance policies can be compared to other health insurance providers on our comparison table, with the option to select from singles, couples, family and budget to premium options.

It’s important to note that HBF’s 457 visa health insurance policies meet condition 8501 which is mandatory for 457 visa applications. All offshore applicants when applying for a subclass 457 visa, 485 visa or other temporary working visas (except for the working holiday visa) must proof that they have 457 visa health insurance. The exception are applicants who are already in Australia (onshore) and have already applied and received Medicare. In these instances Medicare may be enough proof that this condition 8501 is met although its still strongly advised to maintain health insurance as Medicare only offers basic health services and significant out-of-pocket expenses may occur as a result of a doctor visit or hospital stay. Additionally, they are tax benefits of maintaining health insurance as the Australian health system taxes income higher (medicare surcharge) once an individual earns over a certain wage. If your considering cancelling your 457 visa health insurance it’s strong advised that you consult with your migration agent and/or accountant first to ensure that this is the right solution for you. It may also be worth shopping around to ensure the cover and price is suitable for your situation.

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