IMAN Health Insurance 457 Visa Review

IMAN Health Insurance 457 Visa LogoIMAN Australian Health Plans Pty Ltd is Australia’s oldest 457 visa health insurance specialist brand with 17,000 policy holders.

The brand’s parent company is nib health funds which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Why Choose IMAN For 457 Health Insurance?

1) Price

IMAN has always had low prices for their budget policies and as of 30/09/2015 offer budget cover starting from $74.53 per month.

The $74.53 monthly price is not available for all overseas visitors with questions asked in the application process impacting the final price of the policy.

457 Visa Comparison Of Health insurance Prices

It was based on the fact that IMAN does not have universal pricing unlike a fund such as Frank that IMAN didn’t receive a higher score for 457 health insurance price competitiveness.

2) No Hospital Excess

IMAN are one of the few 457 visa health insurance companies that doesn’t charge an excess for hospital admissions. All policies except for ‘value plus’ cover overseas visitors for 100% of hospital accommodation & treatments during the stay.

IMAN 457 VIsa Health Insurance Policy CoverageThe policy pages for 100% of the costs of most treatments with lower benefits for gastric banding, pregnancy and palliative care.

Their is no coverage for assisted reproductive, organ transplants and bone marrow procedures.

Please note that standard waiting periods may apply, especially for pre-existing conditions.

3) Private Hospital Cover

All of IMAN’s 457 health insurance policies have public & private hospital cover.

The reason that IMAN didn’t achieve the maximum score in the area of private hospital is because:

  • You are not guaranteed a private room (so you may need to share a room with up to 6 other patients)
  • You need to be treated in an nib/IMAN agreement hospital if you want to be covered 100% of the nib contracted rate

If you are treated in a private hospital that does not have an agreement with IMAN/nib you will receive benefits at the level determined by the department of health. This may leave you with significant out-of-pocket expenses so an insurer like Frank may be your preferred option.

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Why Not Choose IMAN For 457 Visa Health Insurance?

1) Lack Of Flexibility

Unlike other health funds such as HIF, IMAN does not allow policy holders to mix and match their cover.

This means that if you for example choose their budget visitor cover hospital policy, you can not add extras such as dental and optical cover. As these elements are the most frequently claimed by most individuals, this limitation may lead you to consider another Australian 457 visa health insurance company.

2) Price Variability

All prices quoted for IMAN on their main pages are ‘from’ prices. This means that once you private all your information the actual price may increase.

For many individuals, couples and families therefore the final price may be significantly higher then the starting price and other funds may offer more competitive prices.

3) Lack Of Hospital Choice

As highlighted earlier, IMAN does allow you to be treated in any Australian hospital but if you don’t get treated in an IMAN/nib agreement private hospital you may have significant out-of-pocket fees for your stay.

It’s recommend that you research where you will stay in Australia and the surrounding hospitals to understand if a suitable ‘agreement’ hospital will exist within close proximity.

IMAN 457 Visa Health Insurance Reviews

IMAN have historically had a strong reputation and reviews and a specialist of overseas visitor health cover.

As the product review widget below highlights as of the 30th of Septmeber the fund has a score of 2.7/5 from 24 reviews. Only the two ‘not for profit’ health funds scored higher.

IMAN 457 health insurance is a subsidiary of nib Health Funds. For all nib 457 health insurance enquiries the applicant should instead contact IMAN health insurance.

Who Should Consider IMAN Overseas Visitor Health Cover?

As an overseas visitor health cover specialist, IMAN offers great value 457 visa health insurance that:

  • Has some of the lowest priced policies
  • Includes private & public hospital cover
  • Has $0 access

The key to working out if IMAN is right for you is to investigate if when you move to Australia you will live close to one of their agreement hospitals for treatment.
You should also make sure you actually go near the end of the application form to see the final price as the prices quoted are ‘starting’ prices which may increase due to your age etc.

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If you find the final price is too high or that agreement hospitals don’t surround your location, you may want to consider Frank if you want private hospital cover or HIF if you prefer public hospital cover with no excess.

About This IMAN 457 Health Insurance Comparison

The 457 health insurance comparison table awas made in September 2015 after the most recent wave of price rises were implemented. The information all came from fact sheets provided on the Australian health insurance companies fact websites. As this information was manually collected there may be outdated information as providers may update their policy details without notice. As this website sends all users to these Australian health fund websites the authors strongly recommend you view their product disclosure information first before making your final decision.

If you have suggestions of changes needed or improvements, please use the contact form to contact the owners of the site.

IMAN is rated 2.7 stars by 24 customers.