IMAN 10% Discount Offer in 2014

In 2014 IMAN introduced a new discount offer on its budget or value plus visitor cover.
This discount is 10% off the premium for the first 12 months of the policy. This is applied off payments made via credit card or direct debit (direct through a bank account).
It should be noted that you MUST provide all your details (full disclosure) to the fund or the 10% discount can be withdrawn.

When Did The IMAN 10% Offer Commence & When Will It Finish?

The IMAN promotion commenced on the 12th of June 2014 and is planned to finished on the 30th of September 2014.
It should be noted that while the end date may seem specific, IMAN has extended its 10% discount offer already in 2014 so its important to check the 457 visa health fund’s website before finalising which health fund to choose.

Should I Choose IMAN Because Of This 10% Offer?

Earlier in 2014 IMAN increased their budget policy by the most from a percentage standpoint, just view our 457 visa insurance 2014 price increase review. IMAN was formally offered the cheapest budget 457 visa health insurance for singles but with HIF’s minimal rate increase this health fund became the cheapest. HIF then went further with a 4% discount offer for those looking to join for 12 months. The end result was a large price gap between the two health funds.

The 10% discount IMAN health plans reduced the policy cost for the first year to $77.85 which is actually lower than the HIF policy after their 4% off discount.
This means the policy offer outstanding value as when you visit a public hospital you don’t necessarily need to share a room with another patient (unlike HIF) and some private hospital accommodation is also covered (limited). Below shows the prices for singles in our comparison table before the 10% discount is applied.

457 Visa Health Cover Comparison

A key consideration is that the 10% discount is only available on the first year of the policy (and can’t be used with other offers). This may sound restrictive but in Australia the government has actually made it very easy to switch between 457 visa health policies or funds. Elements such as waiting periods transfer with a policy unless you upgrade to a new one that has elements not covered before. What this means is that if you finish the 12 months and no longer want to stay with IMAN, you can relatively easily switch funds with no penalties.

Who Is This Discount Offer Not Valid For?

The 10% offer is only on the two cheaper policies of IMAN’s (budget or value plus overseas visitor health insurance). If your looking for a 457 visa health insurance policy that has premium hospital accommodation or includes extra’s such as dental insurance then this IMAN 10% discount won’t apply to the policy you will require. The policy though is valid for singles, couples or even families.

When Comparing 457 Visa Health Cover Policies What Else Should I Compare?

The key to comparing 457 visa health insurance policies and to weigh up the benefits vs the policy price. You should think about the next 12 months and work out what elements you may need to be covered for and if you may claim on some extra’a such as getting a new pair of glasses. Once you have this list, you should find the policy that will cover you for these elements and it’s important to look at the details and understand the exact terms and conditions. For example, you may want hospital insurance where you don’t share a bed with anyone else and you may want to get some money back when you see the dentist twice a year. Naturally, the more a policy costs the more you will get back and the more premium care you will get when you go to s hospital. That said, some funds charge quite a bit more for very similar policies so you shouldn’t just compare the different policies of any one fund but also compare funds.

Our 457 visa health insurance comparison tables were designed to make this process simpler.