nib 457 Visa Health Insurance

Those looking for nib 457 visa health insurance are actually looking for IMAN cover which is the overseas visitor health cover subsidiary of nib.

IMAN Australian Health Plans has been catering to overseas workers in Australia for over 30 years.

Cover options start from just $74.54 a month for singles and provide peace of mind for 457 visa holders, while working or visiting within Australia.

All IMAN policies are compliant with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for the 457 Visa application. A letter to accompany your visa application will be provided upon joining.

A Comparison of IMAN Singles Cover (nib 457 Visa Health Insurance)

Comparing singles health insurance policies for subclass 457 visa holders found that IMAN has the lowest price out of the more popular health cover policies for 457 visa holders. While this price is variable, the fund offers great value that includes private hospital accommodation cover, ambulance cover, and much more.

New April Prices


A Comparison of Couples IMAN 457 Health Insurance

Comparing couples health insurance policies for subclass 457 visa holder found that IMAN again had the best priced cover. The fund has some great benefits on hospital accommodation and costs and was only slightly edged out in the recommendation by Frank which offers universal coverage at all hospitals.

April prices for couples


A Comparison of Family IMAN Cover

Comparing family health insurance for 457 visa holders found that Frank had the cheapest cover (the same rate as Couples Cover). IMAN still has a competitive price though and has some superior benefits when it comes to hospital cover compared to the other funds.

April iman family price adjustment


All IMAN 457 Visa Health Insurance Policies include ambulance and funeral cover too. The policy also provided for the cost of returning an individual’s body or ashes to their home country or a medical escort if repatriation is required.

Many individuals choose IMAN because they have no excess on their policies. Many of their competitors have $300 or $500 excess amounts which means that when you visit a hospital you are out of pocket for this amount (there may also be gap payments on-top of this).

All policies provide excess benefits–such as ensuring 100% cover for in-patient and out-patient admission and services; except for ‘Value Plus. This means you get 100% of the cost of private and public hospital for overnight and same day stays as well as intensive care, theatres and ward fees. Examples of the services that IMAN covers ranges from accidents, joint replacements, back surgery and shoulder surgery. Across all policies there are waiting periods (some of which are standard across the private health insurance sector) such as pregnancy which is 12 months. There is no waiting list for ambulance cover.

It’s critical to remember that there is no such thing as nib 457 visa health insurance. Most likely when someone refers their policy as nib 457 visa health insurance cover it’s in fact IMAN which as stated above is a subsidiary of nib. A great advantage of IMAN therefore is that if you get permanent residence you can switch your policy across to NIB.