Moving to Australia can be a daunting prospect for many reasons. To start with there is the sheer logistics of moving to another country; the excitement and fear, and all the things that come with such a big move. But then there is the visa side of things, like whether you need overseas visitor health cover, making things seem very complicated. Many people find this whole process very unclear.

But it doesn’t have to be that hard. To start with, if you are looking to meet your 485 or 457 visa work requirements, or to take on an overseas student visa, then you will need to get overseas visitor health cover.

Overseas visitor health cover and your visa

One of the requirements of your 457, 485 or overseas student visa is that you have overseas visitor health cover. You will not only need this to reside in Australia, but you will need to have a confirmation letter from your insurance company to get your visa approved.

Luckily, there are many companies that provide overseas visitor health cover, with products designed to meet these requirements. This means that finding overseas visitor health cover is actually very straightforward, and many of these companies are set up to get you the letter of compliance you need very quickly.

Who needs cover?

Anyone that is applying for a 457, 485 or overseas student visa to stay in Australia need to have overseas visitor health cover. This also applies to your partner or any other members of your family that may be coming with you to Australia. So when choosing your overseas visitor health cover, you need to make sure that your whole family is insured.

To get more information on visa requirements relating to overseas visitor health cover, you can also read through Immigration Australia’s requirements here.

Overseas visitor health insurance requirements

Choosing overseas visitor health cover

There are many companies that provide overseas visitor health cover that meet your visa requirements. It is important to shop around and make sure that you have the best deal possible though, so it is worth taking your time to compare them. Below is an example of our comparison table where you can see how each of these providers stack up against each other, with reviews to explain what each of the companies offer.

Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Do keep in mind that overseas visitor health cover packages can include many pitfalls, such as limits and excess. So you should never assume that the best cover is the one with the cheapest upfront costs. Do then read our reviews to get a clearer picture of what each offers.

Overseas visitor health insurance excess

Level of cover

When choosing your overseas visitor health cover, you will see that you are given many options in the level of cover that you want. For many who are considering such a big move, they will often opt for the basic cover package. However, overseas visitor health cover should not just be viewed as a visa requirement, and you should consider taking on as robust insurance as possible. The basic packages will not include extras such as dental, and you may find that you later face large bills without full coverage during your stay in Australia.

Overseas visitor health insurance price

Medicare and you

One of the reasons that people believe it is best to just take on the basic overseas visitor health cover, is because they are from a list of countries where they can access Medicare upon arrival. However, though this is certainly true, you need to be aware of the Medicare surcharge. This is an added tax on people who do not have private health insurance. When this is taken into account, it is apparent that having overseas visitor health cover can actually save you money in the long run. It will also give you access to better and cheaper medical care.


In short, overseas visitor health cover is a prerequisite to getting your visa to work or study in Australia. You need to have this for yourself and any other family members that may be relocating with you. It is something that you have to have, but also something that can benefit you in the future, so it is important that you shop around and choose the best cover for you now – and ideally a package that offers you robust cover.