457 Visa Reciprocal Health Care Agreements

Australia holds a reciprocal health care agreement with several countries around the world. This means that if an Australian resident is travelling in a particular country and encounters medical problems, the country’s health care system will cover their essential medical costs, either in part or in whole. Similarly, under these reciprocal agreements, some health services and subsidised medicines are provided to visitors from particular countries when they visit Australia.

If your country of residence has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia, you are eligible for Medicare benefits to help cover the cost of essential medical treatment while you are in Australia.

The Australian Government has reciprocal health care agreements with the following countries:

  • New Zealand457 visa Medicare Card
  • the United Kingdom
  • the Republic of Ireland
  • Sweden
  • the Netherlands
  • Finland
  • Belgium
  • Malta
  • Slovenia
  • Norway

These agreements are not designed to replace private health cover for people travelling in Australia. Each reciprocal health care agreement varies from country to country and has different limitations. For example, Italian residents are entitled to some subsidised health care for up to six months in Australia, where as travellers from the Netherlands are entitled to free access to public health care for up to 12 months. For this reason it is strongly recommended that 457 visa holders research 457 visa medical insurance before arriving in Australia, as well as understanding the stipulations of their own reciprocal health care agreement.