457 Visa Health Requirements

2015 has seen refinements to the health requirements for 457 visa holders. This includes changing the provider for who does examinations in Australia and process itself. The new process and changes are detailed below.

The New 457 Visa Health Requirement Process

A 457 visa applicant must meet certain health requirements in 2015. This includes that they are free from a condition (or disease that):

  • Is a threat to the Australian Community
  • Can require significant medical costs (and/or communicate service costs) to the Public

The most common process to ensure you (and any individual on the visa) meet the 457 visa health requirement element is to:

a) Complete The “My Health Declarations” form online before you lodge your visa application

b) If you are issued with a requirement for a Health Examination make a booking and keep on records your HAP ID.

c) Once you have completed the declaration (and if applicable done the examination) you should apply for the 457 visa. Remember to indicate when applying what your HAP ID was to ensure the smooth processing of your 457 visa.

Below provides a guidelines of who will require generally a health exam based on the country they come from. This can differ though based on the information provided by yourself in the ‘my health declarations’ online form which will be indicated upon completion.

457 Visa Health Examination Checklist 2015

How Can I Get A Health Examination In 2015?

In 2014 the Department For Immigration & Boarder Patron (DIBP) used Medibank Health Solutions for health examinations. This has been changed to BUPA Medical Visa Services.

The key reasons for the change related to the charges BUPA charge for the service and service levels BUPA offered compared to Medibank. It could be speculated that BUPA aggressively outbid Medibank to provide this service to push their 457 visa health insurance to 457 visa applicants. It should be noted though that you still have the choice of which health insurance for 457 visa provider you want irrelevant if you have a BUPA health examination.

To prepare for your 457 visa health examination you need:

1) A valid Passport
2) Your HAP ID or e-Medical Referral Letter (discussed below)
3) Prescription glasses (and/or) contact lenses if you require them
4) A specialist’s report about your medical condition (if you have one).

457 Visa Health Requirements

If your a female you cannot have an appointment if your menstruating. If the appointment does occur during this period you will need to make a new appointment 4-6 after you finish menstruating. It should also be noted that only the individuals who are being examined are allowed in the clinic. The only exception if for children under 16 years old who can bring an adult with them for the examination.

Health exams generally have a validity of 12 months. This means that your 457 visa application must be processed within 12 months of having your examination. If this time-frame expires you may be required to have an additional exam.