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457 Visa Compared have been operating since 2012 catering for 457 visa holders and other overseas visitors working in Australia.

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To date we have over positive reviews and we really appreciate if you would leave another to highlight why we are the leading comparison site for 457 visa holders!

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“What a relief !! Application Launched September 2014 & Visa grant March 2015. Thank you for your assistance . You have been such a help. You have been very right according to your experience. Appreciate a lot”


“I recently moved to Australia from overseas and found Visa 457 most helpful for advice and assistance with insurance, banking details. More than happy to recommend the service.”


“With the Australian Government requiring 457 visa applicants to satisfy a number of prerequisites before arriving in Australia, 457visacompared.com.au comes to the rescue! The site is simple and easy to use and without doubt helped our family with the grueling task of relocating and adapting to life in a new country.:


“The Australian government are incompetent at best when it comes to migration. Information and staff were misleading but this site helped answer nine out of ten questions I have.”

More About 457 Visa Compared

This website was created in Melbourne by individuals who understood the hassle of moving overseas for work. This includes elements such as applying for a visa, getting relevant insurance and then setting up a bank account.

Unlike most other comparison websites, this site focuses on providing you with the information you need without personal information required. We NEVER ask for your name or contact details unless you fill out our contact form for feedback about the site. When you have made your decision on any of comparison tables from 457 visa health insurance through to what Australian bank account you want we direct you to the providers website.

All the information shown on the website was manually collected by real Australians based on the providers websites. This means that automatic processes such as feeds and the providers writing in their own information was avoided. This has real benefits for users but may mean that product/service details may chance without notice so we appreciate your feedback if you see any areas that need updating. This is also another reason why users are sent to the providers site to purchase any service rather then through this site itself.

The most popular are of this website is the 457 visa health insurance comparison feature of the site. This is because any 457 visa policy holder must have “adequate health insurance” known as condition 8501. There are also other health insurance comparison sections for 485 visa holders and general overseas visitors to Australia.

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Other areas of the site that are popular include our bank account comparison table and 457 visa checklist. If you want to keep up to date with 457 visa news then our 457 visa Facebook page is worth following. With over 2,500 followers, it’s a popular page for overseas visitors to Australia.