Working Visa County Comparison (Infographic)

457visacompared has developed an infographic to put into perspective the visa charges for individuals looking to work in developed countries.

This is based on a lot of concern over the recent application increase in July the 1st where fees doubled for the 457 visa.
Additionally, further increases will occur on September making the 457 visa one of the most expensive in the developed world.

457 Visa Health Insurance Infographic

Wages, Application Fees & 457 visa health insurance

There is increasing concerns from potential migrants and even Australian’s as to the cost of living pressures within Australia.
While food prices have actually remained steady or decreased (due to increased competition between supermarkets), utility prices have spiked across water, electricity and gas.

The truth is, even with these increases in the cost of living, the growth of real wages has outpaced these costs giving a strong take home wage potential for the average working Australian.
This was identified by Australia having the highest of the annual full-time wages of the developed countries according to oecd figures.
This combined with the lowest unemployment rates makes Australia a great travel destination.

Its important to note there are a lot more expenses then just the application fees to moving in Australia. An example if 457 health insurance which is compulsory for 457 visa applicants. For singles this can range from $79.99 to $293.26 per month. The high price range of 457 visa health insurance highlights the high medical costs that could be incurred by hospitalisation or elective surgery in a private hospital. High level 457 visa health insurance also covers extra’s such as optical and dental which have also increased in price (especially dental) over the past 10 years.

Overall, there are many reasons outside of financial benefits for individuals wanting to move to country.
This is especially true for Melbourne which is consistently ranked ‘the worlds most liveable city’.