Visitors Health Insurance That Meets DIBP Requirements

As a 457 visa holder to Australia, you simply must have the best visitors health insurance possible.  To begin, it is critical to understand, as a visitor, you must show proof of visitors health insurance before you can gain approval for a 457, or 485 visa.  In this respect you want to look for cover options that are going to unequivocally meet all of the 8501 requirements to have that peace-of-mind.  Furthermore, you want to choose a best visitors cover policy that is going to be the most affordable for you, but which is going to give you above standard qualities and benefits at the same time.  The following listed 5 plans are some of the most popular and will give visitors a beginning idea on where they should start:

457 Visa Comparison Page for visitors health insurance

For new visitors, HIF cover meets all 457 visa requirements easily, and just like Frank–this is extremely affordable as well.  Regardless of whether you’re single, a couple, or a family, the Department for Immigration and Border Patrol dictates that “it is compulsory for a 457 visa applicant to make plans for visitors health insurance for themselves and accompanying family members.”  This insurance cover, once purchased must be maintained throughout the duration of a stay.  Yes, all of the top 5 covers do meet DIBP requirements and are some of the most popular visitors coverage today.  The chart below illustrates some of the various differences in pricing and benefits, which is another great starting point for new visitors.

Couples 457 Visa Health Insurance Comparison for visitors health insurance

Now, if you choose to go with iman visitors coverage, you’ll find it is one of the least expensive for singles, and quite reasonable for couples and families.  It also comes with some extra cover options that are more than what competitors offer.  Furthermore, iman provides a 457 visa certificate following visitors coverage approval within only 48 hours.  Many visitors often consider adding extras cover for unforseen emergencies and circumstances.  This simply gives added protection without costing a fortune through a provider like iman.  HIF, iman and Frank also have everyday services such as dental and optical care that can be added on to a cover plan with the least minimal costs, in comparison to other competitors.  The below clickable diagram will allow visitors to directly visit the websites to learn more on such said features:

Singles Australian Unity 457 Visa visitors Health Insurance

Visitors will find Australian Unity listed on this small diagram as one of the five more popular choices among visitors.  Again, it also offers some extra cover options, lower costs and prime benefits.  It also offers a “workers cover plus” choice that many visitors find more than flexible.  In fact, Australian Unity fund, when compared to those like iman, Frank and HIF provides a little more flexibility than others mentioned.

Why Choose Australian Unity For Your Visitors Health Insurance Coverage?

Not only does Australian Unity offer one of the lowest prices for visitors health insurance, again, it offers so much more flexibility.  With regard to flexibility, what happens in this policy is that overseas visitors have the choice to actually mix and match their hospital and extras cover features.  The reason the prices are so much more reasonable is because, this is a members own health fund.  This simply means that there doesn’t need to be any profits made and given to shareholders, which clearly saves a great deal of money, passable to the members!

Now, there are some disadvantages to Australian Unity as well.  For instance, this might not be the ideal option for those singles, couples or families who are looking to have the option of private health care coverage.  Also, there are limited repatriation benefits available to members.  However, this is the perfect visitors health insurance if you’re looking for benefits such as:

  • a competitively priced policy
  • more flexibility to mix and match extra features
  • public hospital care that is above standard
  • for individuals who don’t mind sharing a hospital room to save money 

Visit The Australian Unity Website

When comparing Frank’s visitor health insurance to Australian Unity, visitors will find that private and public hospital treatment is covered, it meets all DIBP requirements, and waiting periods are very minimal.  Let’s take a look at Frank’s and see how features vary from competitors.

Why You Should Consider Frank For Your Visitors Health Insurance Option

Yes, Frank is one of the more reliable visitor health insurance coverage plans that promises 457 visa health insurance compliancy without question.  It is also a subsidiary of GMHBA, which meets the needs of many 457 visa holders.  This is a “not-for-profit” option, making it preferable among competitors.  The reason visitors can do very well with Franks cover plan is due to its affordability, flexibility, multiple features, short wait periods, incentives and more.  Frank passes on savings to members, much like Australian Unity does.  The below illustrated chart goes through some of the similarities and differences in services and costs for visitors.  This will help visitors who are singles, couples, or families.  You might find this to be the more viable health fund cover plan, and the most practical.

Frank couples 457 visa visitors health insurance comparison table in Australia

Who Is Best Suited For Frank Overseas Visitors Health Insurance?

Frank OVHC (457 visa health insurance) is the most suitable choice for you if you:

    • Are intent on acquiring a cover option that is the least expensive
    • Don’t mind receiving treatment in a public hospital, but have the option of a private provider
    • Have a preference for a private hospital room
    • Are looking for minimal waiting periods
    • Want fast approval of 457 visa application

For those visiting Australia who have no issue with receiving medical care in a public hospital environment–and who want to avoid excess fees, Frank and others like HIF might be the best options for you.  All of the aforementioned visitors health insurance funds are exceptional and it is definitely up to the visitors to choose what will work best for them.  Again, all do meet the DIBP requirements and offer above standard care while visiting Australia.