The Best Visitors Health Insurance

There are a number of considerations when it comes to locating the best visitors health  insurance for 457 visa holders.  To begin, any 457 visa holder needs to be certain the coverage they choose will ensure they meet compliance with regard to 8501.  Further, they want to consistently maintain their 457 visa health coverage while in Australia as well.  This will minimise the risks of being confronted with fees and other penalties that past 457 visa holders have had to deal with.  All of the 2016 policies listed below do meet all of these visa compliance requirements:

The Best Visitors Health Insurance For 457 Visa Applicants

How Does The Best Visitors Health Insurance Meet 8501 And What Is It?

Now, the best visitors health insurance for 457 visa holders is dependent upon individual needs.  Visitors should be made aware that condition 8501 is a visa requirement for almost all 457 visa applicants who are temporarily working within Australia.  This is also non-biased, meaning regardless of ethnicity, gender, demographics and despite any national reciprocal health care agreement–all applicants must meet the 8501 requirement.

Applicants have to show proof of their 457 visa health insurance if they are to stay in Australia and continue working.  Visitors will find that the top 5 best visitors health insurance for 457 visa holders will clearly meet the Department of Immigration and Border Control’s requirements in full.  An applicant can receive a confirmation of compliance to these requirements within just 48 hours through most cover policies.  All family members have to be covered as well–which normally requires the purchase of a family policy.  Applicants can also request to have their compliance confirmation letter sent to them through email, which also speeds up the process.

Visitors should keep their compliance confirmation letter with their 457 visa materials to avoid any mishaps as well.  This will certainly help you avoid any confusion and minimise the risk of any fines or penalties too.

Other Considerations For Purchasing The Best Visitors Health Insurance

The best visitors health insurance would be one that offers the member some of the most competitive prices, no co-pays, coverage for in hospital care, excellent pharmaceutical coverage and more!  Naturally, the best policies are going to offer visitors that steadfast ‘hospital cover’ component they need to receive the best care. Those extras cover options are also important to have.  If you’re a visitor who is going to have regular visits to the dentist, or for some form of rehabilitative care–you need to seek out a cover that is going to fund these frequent claims.

A hospital cover policy is highly recommended for visitors to Australia too.  In fact, only this form of health coverage will protect you from excess fees and those medicare levy surcharges that can be quite hefty. The majority of visitors do decide to go with a middle hospital cover plan that includes extra options.  With all of this in mind, HIF cover might be one of the most preferred, with regard to the best visitors insurance for 457 visa holders.

The below chart is easily navigated, and with simple clicks you can do a comparison between some of these more popular policies. Remember, all of these meet that stringent 8501 requirement, and they are the more reliable options.

The best visitors health insurance for 457 Visa Applicants

If you’re visiting from a country with a reciprocal medical care agreement you’ll be happy to learn you can easily apply for Medicare as soon as the first day in the country.  Once a visitor receives their Medicare card they’ll meet condition 8501, and will even have the option of canceling an Australian health insurance policy. However, you might find it best to keep it, as it will avoid the medicare surcharge that has been mentioned previously.  All of the listed policies above accommodate and meet the 8501 requirement (as mentioned).

Additional Visitors Coverage Health Fund Options

As was mentioned previously, HIF is excellent for those visiting Australia and who plan on working within the country.  Frank is also a powerful option for visitors.  Both of these are within the top best visitors health insurance funds.  With regard to Frank in particular–this cover keeps everything simple and easy.  Frank’s is a not-for-profit policy, which gives more power to the member.  There are also many incentives and benefits to choosing this fund.  HIF and Frank cover policies allow visitors to customise their coverage, making it ideal for singles, couples or families.  The below chart illustrates all 5 top premier plans for visitors once again. Visitors can easily comparison shop and choose the best health insurance for them right here:

The best visitors health insurance comparison chart

IMAN is also another top contender in Australia and provides some viable cover options for overseas visitors. This fund specialises in policies for meeting the 8501 condition.  While IMAN isn’t as cheap as some of the other cover choices, it is invaluable and gives more than adequate cover. This fund is over 24 years old and currently has over 17,000 members.  For 457 visa holders, the average cost since 02/02/2016 for singles begins at $74.53 and moves up from here.  Potential members will find that IMAN does offer a higher level of “in-hospital” treatment options, as well as affordable “out-patient” services too.  As with many of these top health funds, there are many extras and incentives that can be included without excessive costs.

It is recommended that visitors utilise this information presented as a guide and visit the main websites of these various cover policies for updated information.  Before purchasing any specific policy, a visitor to Australia should be sure they get the best comprehensive value to meet their individual needs.