BUPA 485 Visa Insurance Reviews & Comparison

BUPA (British United Provident Association) is a UK based health insurer founded in 1947. Over the past decade they have become a major player in Australia by acquiring three major brands MBF, HBA and Mutual community and now have the second higher market share in the country.

BUPA 485 Visa Health Insurance Price Comparison

As a global player it’s only logical that BUPA has a range of overseas visitor health cover products. One of their more popular products is the BUPA 485 visa insurance for overseas students wanting to work in Australia. As many of these students already have overseas student health cover with BUPA they often switch to BUPA 485 visa health insurance as it’s a brand they are familiar with. The fact that few of these students choose to compare their policies to competitors may explain the funds higher price points.

Singles BUPA 485 Visa Insurance Price Comparison

BUPA has the third highest price in the comparison shown below for singles. HIF has the cheapest health insurance for 485 visa holders while Medibank has the most expensive policy of the major Australia health funds.

BUPA 485 Visa Health Insurance Singles Comparison

Couples BUPA 485 Visa Insurance Price Comparison

The price for couples cover is generally exactly double that of the singles price except for Medibank which offers a $10 discount. Based on this trend BUPA is once again priced in the middle of the other 485 visa health cover policies at $191.51. IMAN and HIF offer significant discounts compared to BUPA’s policy while still meeting condition 8501 required for 485 visa applicants.

Couples BUPA 485 Visa Health Insurance Price Comparison

HIF has the┬ácheapest health insurance for 485 visa family holders, followed by IMAN and then BUPA. It’s worth noting that most 485 visa health funds maintain the same price for couples and families except for IMAN which charges a premium. Based on this HIF may be a better option if your looking for a cheap health insurance for 485 visa option

Family Health Insurance For 485 Visa Comparison

BUPA Health Insurance Reviews

On the product review Australian website which is an independent customer review site BUPA has the worst rating of all the major health funds compared.

It’s critical to note that these do not all relate to 485 visa health insurance policies but may also relate to permanent resident health cover policies and other specialist cover. That said, the reviews may give some insights into BUPA’s customer service, willingness to pay on claims and other factors.

Both HIF and IMAN have significantly higher review scores although it should be noted that fewer reviews to date have been left for both as they are smaller brands.

BUPA is rated 1.3 stars by 162 customers.