485 Visa IMAN Health Insurance Review

IMAN is a subsidiary of nib which was acquired in 2010 for $25 million Australian dollars. Prior to this acquisition the fund was often called it’s full name “International Medial Assistance Network”. nib is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange listed as code NHF.IMAN 485 Visa Health Insurance

Is IMAN Suitable For 485 Visa Health Insurance?

Yes! IMAN is one of Australia’s only ‘overseas visitor health cover’ brands, specialising in policies that meet ‘condition 8501. As the subclass 485 visa requires all applicants to show proof that they meet ‘condition 8501’ (adequate health cover) IMAN will provide piece of mind that you will meet this requirement.

IMAN is also 25 Years old and has 17,000+ policy holders with their head office in Newcastle, Australia.

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Is IMAN Cheap?

If you define cheap as having one of the lowest priced 485 visa health insurance policies, than the answer is yes. As of the 17/03/2016 their cheapest health insurance for 485 visa holders starts at just $74.54.

Below shows a screenshot of our health insurance 485 visa comparison for singles which highlights the strong price point that IMAN offers as of the 24/04/2016.

single iman update

IMAN’s couples policies cost twice as much as the singles policy as shown below which is the same as most other funds for 485 visa health insurance.

iman couples price update

Finally, IMAN’s Family health insurance for 485 visa holders price comparisons are illustrated here. Unlike many other funds such as BUPA, their family health insurance covers more than their couples health insurance. Those looking for the lowest price therefore may want to consider HIF which starts from $324.77 for families per month.

Iman review for family new prices


What Do IMAN Policies Include

There are a number of elements that all IMAN 485 visa health insurance policies have from budget cover to their ‘top’ cover which include:

1) A visa certificate within 48 hours of approval
When you apply for a subclass 485 visa you need to show proof of adequate 485 visa health insurance. IMAN meet the department of immigration requirements and provide a certificate which you need to include within your application.

2) Private & Public Hospital Cover
All policies provide cover for either a public or private hospital stay. Most other funds have strict conditions about where you can stay unlike IMAN provide ‘peace of mind’.

3) Ambulance Cover Australia-Wide

IMAN provides Ambulance cover for trips that are medically necessary. There are no waiting periods for this service.

4) Funeral Expenses Cover & Medical Repatriation To Your Home Country

If the worst happens as the policy holder passes away IMAN pay the costs associated with returning the body (or ashes) to the holders country of residences. Reasonable funeral costs can also be paid if the holder is cremated or buried at the place of death. There are waiting periods and exclusions in relating to this policy.

5) Credit For Time Away

IMAN refunds a portion of the premium when you travel overseas after the first month’s of membership. You must provide notice to IMAN that your planning to be overseas for more than 4 weeks.

6) Repatriation Benefit

IMAN will pay policy holder to return to their home country when medically necessary. It’s critical to note that an IMAN appointed medical practitioner is the person that will need to make this decision. Repatriation can include  airfares, on-board stretches and medical professional that accompany the patient.

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IMAN 485 Visa Health Insurance Review On Third Party Sites

Below show the IMAN 485 Visa Health Insurance Review of past/present policy holders on productreview.com.au, a leading comparison site for Australian health insurance funds.  The score of 2.6/5 from 27 reviews is one of the highest of the Australian health funds. It should be noted that most of the reviews are from 457 visa holders which are the largest segment of the overseas visitor health cover market. That said, the policy that these subclass 457 visa holders are taking out with IMAN is the exact same one needed for 485 visa holders.


IMAN is rated 2.6 stars by 27 customers.