Currency Exchange

Whether you are immigrating permanently or planning a long term stay, your choice of currency exchange service could greatly impact your new financial situation. Depending on the provider, you could stand to save significantly on your international money transfers.

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  • Online access 24/7
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OFX Is Strongly Recommended For Currency Exchange

Established in 1998 as a smarter alternative to using your bank or existing foreign exchange services, OFX offers bank-beating exchange rates on international transfers – whether it’s for sending money to family overseas, buying or selling overseas property or managing international investments.

Most major banks can take up to a 5% margin on the daily exchange rate and a hefty fee, but OFX’s network of 115 bank accounts worldwide means they can receive funds in one country, and pay out in another. Since your money won’t even need to leave the country, their margins are significantly lower.

What’s more – you, your family members and friends will never be charged an OFX transaction fee*.

We recommend OFX as the smart choice for making both personal and business global money transfers because:

  • Registration is quick, easy and free
  • 24/7 telephone customer service & online access
  • Expert daily and weekly market commentary on the major currencies
  • Exchange rate alerts