416 Visa Health Insurance Comparison

Applicants applying for a 416 must have "adequate health insurance" that must cover you any any family member who join you in Australia

Compare 416 visa health insurance policies below.

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  • Price (Monthly)
  • Cover Meets 416 Visa Health Cover Requirements
  • Public Hospital Accommodation
  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • Doctors & Specialist Fees (In Hospital)
  • GP Visits (Not In Hospital)
  • Medical Repatriation Benefit
  • Pregnancy and Related Services
  • Medically Necessary Ambulance
  • Dental & Optical
    Extra’s Cover
  • Additional Policy Notes

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Essentials Cover

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Essentials Cover

  • $84.00
  • Limited Overseas Health
  • [rating)

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Budget Cover

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Essential Visitors Cover

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Working Visa Hospital Insurance

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Workers Cover Plus

  • (Agreement Hospitals)

  • (Max $20,000)
  • Private & public hospital available
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This information is indicative and provided for general information only.
Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting period.

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IMAN Is Recommended For Singles 416 Visa Health Insurance

416 visa holders to are looking for singles health insurance that meet their visa requirements will receive outstanding value from IMAN Budget Cover. On the 21st of September a comparison of the singles 416 visa health insurance policies found that IMAN:

  • Has low priced premiums starting at $74.54
  • Has a $0 excess on their policy
  • Includes both public and private hospital (please note there are restrictions when it comes to treatment in a private hospital)
  • Includes both ambulance and medical repatriation  for emergencies

IMAN are are subsidiary of NIB, one of Australia’s large health funds listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. The IMAN brand only focuses on overseas visitor health insurance including visa subclasses such as the 416 visa. They have strong reviews and all their policies meet working visa requirements including the subclass 416 visa.

For those that are looking for the cheapest 416 visa health insurance then HIF is a good choice. Like IMAN, the company has a strong reputation and customer satisfaction and was only not recommended as the policy only offers treatment in a public hospital (shared room only). If you don’t mind getting treated in these facilities then it’s worth considering their 416 visa health insurance.

Who Needs Special Program Visa 416 Visa Health Insurance

According to the Australian Government’s website (DIBP) any applicant for the special program visa (subclass 416) must not only meet certain health requirements but also have 416 Visa Health Insurance. The only exception is if you come from a country with a reciprocal health care agreement such as the UK in which case you can apply for medicare which will meet this requirement.

If you come from one of these reciprocal health care agreements you may still choose to apply for health insurance. The logic behind this is the same as why a large proportion of Australian residents have health insurance with advantages including:

  • Reduced waiting periods for treatments
  • The ability to get treated at a private hospital or as a private patient
  • Reducing the amount your out-of-pocket when you receive treatment
  • Tax Purposes

The final element ‘tax purposes’ is a key driver for many individuals with a tax penalty called the ‘Medicare Surcharge’ occurring if you earn over a certain threshold but don’t have Australian health insurance. There are many circumstances where it’s cheaper to purchase 416 visa health insurance than pay the medicare surcharge so you may want to consult with an accountant before arriving in Australia.

Another element worth considering is ‘extras cover’. While core health insurance (also known as hospital cover) will cover you if you get sick or injured and require hospitalisation, other health services such as dental, optical and physio are not covered. These are elements most individuals are more likely to use (and claim on regularly) so choosing a provider such as HIF which allows you to add-on extra’s cover may provide outstanding value and should also be considered!