What Is The Subclass 420 Visa?

The subclass 420 visa allows individuals within the entertainment industry from actors, producers to support & products staff to work in Australia on a temporary basis.

If your intending to work in Australia on a film/television set, music or even live production in a front or backstage role you may be eligible for this visa. You can stay for up to two years or the duration of the position you nominate, which ever one is earliest.

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What Is The 420 Visa Application Process?

Step 1 – Sponsorship

An Australian company or foreign government agency must apply to be an ‘entertainment sponsor’. Some individuals may also apply.

Step 2 – Nomination

Once approved to be a sponsor, a prospective employer needs to nominate an individual for the position.

Step 3 – Application

Once your nominated you need to apply with the Department Of Immigration & Boarder Patrol and meet the criteria explained below.

What Criteria Do 420 Visa Applicants Need To Meet When Applying For The Visa?

A) Proof Of Adequate 420 Visa Health Insurance

All 420 visa applicants must meet an ‘adequate level of health insurance’ unless your covered by Medicare. This overseas visitor health insurance must also cover any family member an applicant is planning to bring to Australia during their stay.

overseas visitor health

Only certain policies are suitable 420 visa health insurance and meet the requirements set by the Department Of Immigration And Boarder Patrol. The overseas visitor health insurance policies below all meet the 420 visa health insurance requirements. Just click on the image for the full overseas visitor health insurance comparison table.


When you apply for any of the 420 visa health insurance policies shown above you will receive a visa certificate normally within 48 hours which you need to attach to the application as proof you meet this health cover requirement.

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B) The Ability To Financially Support Yourself

420 visa applicants need to show proof they can not only support themselves but any other family members from their spouse to children. Proof can range from bank statements, employment contracts to the accommodation and allowances the prospective employer will commit to during the applicants stay.

C) Meet Health Requirements

All applicants need to meet the health requirements set by the Australian government. Health examination requirements vary based on the country you come on, where you have been over the past few years and the activities you will complete in Australia. You can plan this examination prior to lodging your visa with results valid for a year.

D) Meet Character Requirements

Most overseas visitors to Australia need to meet characters requirements which primarily examine any criminal offences you may have made in your home country or those you have lived in over the past decade. Once the Department Of Immigration & Boarder Patrol make a request, you will need a policy certificate highlighting your criminal history and other character elements. If any family member is 16+ years old they also may require this.

E) No Outstanding Debts

The applicant and any family members attached to the visa can’t have outstanding debts to the Australian government. These must be repaid first.

Other Information

Australia has a reciprocal health care agreement with a number of countries from Sweden to the United Kingdom. If you come from one of these countries you can apply for Medicare which will provide you with a basic level of health care including seeing a local doctor. Most Australian’s and visitors choose to have health insurance (including overseas visitor health insurance) on top of Medicare to provide greater cover if they get sick or injured and to reduce the out-of-pocket expenses if they do need treatment.