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For those that are seeking overseas visitor health cover, there are many questions you may have. Given that you are going through the processes of dealing with visa requirements through the immigration offices, you may feel that the whole process is overly complicated – health cover being just yet another aspect of your application that gives you a headache.

However, it can be fairly straightforward; all you need to understand is the basics of what cover you need your 457 visa work requirements, and what the best policy is for you to do that. Which is actually fairly simple, and why this site exists. So, is Frank the policy for you?

Who is this cover for?

This cover is created especially for those that are seeking to meet their 485 or 457 visa work requirements. Whether you are in an individual, a couple or family, the policies are set up to meet the basic minimums that you need to get the visa you are applying for. The only difference is between applying as an individual, couple or family is the value offered by different companies.

What do I get for this cover?

The amount of cover you require and what you get is really up to you. The basics package that will meet your requirements will simply meet the most modest standard requested by immigration. So if you are just looking for the basics, then you will not have all that much to call on when needed, and you may find excess and charges if you do need to meet your insurance.

Is this the best deal?

If you simply want the basic cover that meets your 457 visa requirements, then Frank certainly is the best option in terms of price, as shown below.

However, this is not the case if you are looking at what excess you may be charged on claiming your insurance, and it also is not the case if you are looking for extras to make sure you are fully covered. These are important aspects in choosing your insurance and something you really need to consider. It is understandable that you may be looking for just the basic package, but there are many reasons that this may not be the case.

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It is important when looking to choose your overseas visitor health insurance that you look not just at the basic costs upfront, but also what excess you may be charged should you use the insurance. There can also be a number of limits set on different services that mean it may not be best for you. The chart below clearly shows that Frank’s policy does not necessarily equal value, if you are going to actually use the insurance.

It is well worth considering getting the most robust policy for you and your partner, as though you may be looking to cut costs to enter Australia, health insurance is there for a reason, and you do not want to get caught short. It is also a mistake to believe that Medicare is going to be the answer.


There are many who need to meet the 457 visa work requirements that are coming from countries that have agreements over Medicare. However, it is a mistake to believe that this is always the best option. Medicare comes with a surcharge for those that do not hold private insurance, which means that this does not mean that dumping your overseas visitor health insurance is the best option in terms of either price or cover.

Overseas Visitor Health Insurance Comparison Table

This then means that it makes sense to get the most comprehensive insurance you realistically can, as you will be making savings through Medicare surcharges. When we consider Frank’s policy options and take into account the possible extras that you could get, this no longer is the best value policy for you. So it really does depend.

Make the right choice

Of course, when looking for overseas health insurance for you and your partner, you will be looking on a number of criteria. If you are seeking the cheapest policy that meets your 457 work visa requirements, then Frank is certainly the option for you. However, it is worth looking at more comprehensive cover that does not come with large excesses so that you are protected from anything that should happen in the future. To figure out what is the best for you simply play with the chart provided to see what an extra few bucks could buy you.

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