IMAN Couples Overseas Visitor Health Cover

If you are looking for overseas visitor health cover, then you are most likely doing so to meet your 457 visa work requirements. Though there are many that offer this, it is important that you get the best deal, and most value – after all, health insurance is about more than just visa requirements.


The first thing you should be look for when choosing your couples overseas visitor health cover is that it meets your 457 visa work requirements. IMAN couples overseas visitor health cover does meet these requirements; in fact the policy is designed to do just that.

Whether you are looking to meet either your 485 or 457 visa work requirements, or even an overseas student visa, it is important to always ensure that your overseas visitor health cover meets immigration requirements. You can find out more details here.

Value for money

Assessing whether IMAN couple overseas visitor health cover in terms of value for money, really depends on what you are looking for. This means whether you want to take on the basic cover just so that you can get your visa, whether you want some extras added, or you want the fully robust policy so that you are properly covered. For IMAN the answer is this is the top value product for none ofthe above.

Whatever the level of cover you are looking for, IMAN does not come up as the top value. That is unless you are looking to get some extras and get a policy for all your family (as shown below).

Overseas Visitor Health Insurance For Couples

If you are looking for basic cover, some extras, or all the extras you can get for your couples overseas health cover, then you should choose look to either Frank, HIF, or Australian Unity (respectively). Why not play with our comparison chart yourself?

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A good reason to consider IMAN for your couples overseas health cover, is that there is no excess on their policy. This is an important area to consider in your policy, as if you are intending to use your insurance, this will make it a lot more expensive than upfront value. This however is not a problem with IMAN.

As you can see, with IMAN you will not stung by hefty excess charges – which is certainly a positive. This may not seem all that important for some of you, as you may well be coming from a country that has a reciprocal Medicare agreement with Australia, meaning that you are considering getting rid of your policy upon your arrival. This could well be a mistake though.

Medicare Surcharge

Many people take on couples overseas health cover with the idea that they will stop using it when they arrive in Australia, instead relying on Medicare.  However, those residing in Australia who do not have private health insurance do have to pay the Medicare surcharge – an extra tax to cover your costs. This means that it is not always sensible to get rid of your insurance due to financial reasons; and it is not always the right call to just get the cheapest basic cover given the extra charges that you may face.


Another poor point of IMAN’s policy is that it does not offer any flexibility. This means that you cannot choose a basic package and add to it with some extras. Given this is the way that many policies work, and people also change their minds, this does not offer a great service.

All their policies also provide you the option to be treated in a private hospital although is should be noted that you may be out of pocket from such a visit.


IMAN couples overseas health cover is not the best insurance available. Though it does meet the 457 visa work requirements, and it is also doesn’t have any excess attached, there are much better policies available. It is then definately worth looking at our comparison chart and reading the reviews on the other companies and what they have to offer – but remember that it isn’t always the basic package that is right for you (or even cheapest).

However, if you are actually a family looking for cover, then this may well be the one for you. However, it is still worth considering your options before you choose what type of policy or which company you want to go with.

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You can view the reviews score on Product Review to other couples overseas visitor health insurance fund on the graph below.