Medibank Couples Overseas Visitor Health Cover

For anyone that is seeking couples overseas visitor health cover, there are many options that you will be facing. Not only have you got to go through the rigmarole of the visa application, but you also have to choose health insurance – something that may be foreign to you, depending on where you are coming from.

However, choosing the right couples overseas visitor health cover will not only help you get your visa, but it will also save you money in the long run. After all, medical insurance is about much more than visa approval. You may actually need to use it some time.

457 visa work requirements

The first and foremost thing to understand about any couples overseas visitor health cover, is that it does in fact meet the 457 visa work requirements. This is the priority when looking at these policies. Getting medical insurance may not be just about visas, but it is an important factor when trying to come to Australia to work.

Medibank’s couples overseas visitor health insurance does meet the 457 visa work requirements. Not only that, but they will release your letter of compliance quickly to help you with your application (a fairly standard practice). For more information on 457 visa requirements, you can visit the Australian Immigration page here.

Value comparison

When looking at choosing a couples overseas visitor health cover policy, it is important to stack them up against each other. If we look at our comparison table, we can see that Medibank does not stack up well against other competitors. The chart below is for basic cover that meets your 457 visa work requirements, but it is a similar story no matter what level of cover you seek.

Couples Overseas Visitor Health Cover

Though price is not always the best indicator of policy, at the same time it is always important to access the value you are getting from any policy. This also includes hidden costs. You can see our comparison chart here.


Excess is something that plays a role in all sorts of insurance, and can really affect the price competitiveness of your insurance. There is not much point in getting the cheapest policy if you have to pay too much to use it. Below you can see where Medibank stands when it comes to excess.

Unfortunately, Medibank does include an excess charge on its policy. So not only is it one of the more expensive couples overseas visitor health cover options, you could well end up paying more in the long run too, should you wish you use your insurance.

What you are covered for

With everything we have already discussed, we should be hoping that Medibank offers special services to justify its high prices and excess – something that may make it an option. The only main benefit of using Medibank is that you are covered for both private and public hospital visits. And you are also covered as a private patient when accommodated at a public hospital.

Private hospital cover

However, with Medibank there is no guarantee that you will have your own room, and you may receive less benefits if you are using a hospital that does not have an agreement with Medibank. Which is why, as you can see in the chart above, the hospital cover does not stack up that high.

There are some other benefits through, and Medibank do offer Mi Health Support services, and also repatriation cover, should you need to be flown home for medical reasons. Both of which are worth taking serious note of.

Lack of flexibility

Unfortunately, with Medibank couples overseas visitor health cover, there is no way to combine hospital cover and extras. Extras are what really make a health insurance policy, and include things like dental cover. This lack of flexibility will be difficult for someone seeking more robust and simplicity on their cover.

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Though Medibank’s couples overseas visitor health cover does offer some extra perks, gives you access to both private and public hospitals, and meets the 457 visa work requirements, it is not a recommended provider. High price, excess, and a lack of flexibility make this an expensive and low value policy against others. Plus with uncertainty about where you can and cannot go to get the best health care under Medibank, is confusing and leads to uncertainty, when security is what you want to be provided.