Medium Level Overseas Health Insurance

A working visa requirement for families is to have a set level of overseas health insurance. The policies below meet the requisites set for families moving to Australia.

Select the best medium level family overseas health insurance below.

Family Overseas Health Insurance
  • Monthly Price
  • Meets Overseas Health
  • Public Hospital Accommodation
  • Private Hospital Accommodation
  • Out Patient Following Hospitalisation
  • Visits To A GP
  • Medical Repatriation Cover
  • Maternity Services
  • Emergency Ambulance Cover
  • Extra’s Cover (eg Dentist)
  • Other important elements
  • Place Holder

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Intermediate Cover

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Working Visa Hospital & Medical

This information is indicative and provided for general information only.
Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting period.

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IMAN Is Recommended For Families Looking For Intermediate Level Cover

Families looking to meet more than just their visa requirements including visiting a GP should consider IMAN Basic Cover.

Our comparison updated on the 1st of May 2017 found that IMAN Basic Visitor cover includes:

  • 100% cover for hospital accommodation and treatments when admitted to hospital.
  • Cover for specialists such as pathology and radiology at MBS rates (note a referral is required)
  • Cover to see a family doctor (General Practioner) which covers a variety of day-to-day health needs for patients at MBS rates
  • Ambulance cover in Australia as well as funeral expenses
  • A “credit for time away” scheme where policy holders who are overseas between 4-10 weeks can be given credit for that time period.Visit Frank OVHC

Who Is IMAN?

IMAN is one of Australia’s oldest overseas visitor health cover providers with over 30 years experience. They are owned by the health fund nib, who are based in New South Wales and have over 1,000,000 Australians covered. As a specialist of overseas visitor health insurance all policies meet the Department Of Immigration and Boarder Patrol. A letter is sent after successfully joining which is required as part of a working visa application such as the 457 visa.

Key Benefits

1) The ability to cover children under 25 years

IMAN allows all dependent children to be covered under a family plan. The only condition is that the child is under 25 years of age. A dependent child can be a natural, foster, step or adopted child. They need to be studying at a school, university or college and living at home. It’s worth noting that the definition of a dependent child differs when making visa applications.

2) Credit for time away

IMAN provides credit when a policy holder is overseas for between 4 weeks to 10 weeks. An application needs to be made in advance that policy holder(s) will be spending overseas and the policy payments will be adjusted. Periods that exceed 10 weeks can lead to membership cancellation.

3) The ability to transfer to nib (parent company)

When an overseas visitor visa holder gains permanent residency in Australia they can transfer their policy to nib. While nib doesn’t have the exact same policies, there can be some continuity of cover. This includes comparable waiting periods been served and in some cases a special discount on the premium

Visit Frank OVHC

All IMAN Australian Health Plans are compliant with the Department of Immigration requirements for the 457 Visa application. A letter to accompany your visa application will be provided upon joining.

IMAN Plans include ambulance cover in Australia as well as funeral expenses. Cover is also provided for the cost of returning an individual’s body or ashes to their home country or a medical escort if repatriation is required.

All plans offer cover for hospital in-patient admissions.

This recommendation was based on the author’s comparison of overseas visa health insurance policies on 01/05/2017 based on a manual review of each website. Policy prices and benefits may change from when this review was done so recommends that individuals download all policy documents and compares them for a comprehensive review to ensure they pick the right policy.

While the authors of this site have made their best attempt and comparing the overseas health insurance policies, it cannot guarantee the accuracy of all elements and is happy to make changes based on any feedback provided by individuals of the health funds. Therefore, this information is indicative and provided for general information only. Please refer to the relevant policy brochure for full details including waiting periods.