What ovhc policy areas should I consider when comparing cover?

When looking for the correct ovhc policy, it can seem like a daunting task with lots of choice. For people of many nations that may be looking into this, private health policies may not have been something you needed to do. However, it needn’t be too confusing, if we just break down what is important.

Basic requirements

For the vast majority of people looking to take on a ovhc policy, they are doing so to meet the requirements of their 457, 485 or overseas student visas. To come to Australia to work or study it is paramount that the ovhc policy you choose meets this basic requirement.

All the policies that are ranked on this site are done so to meet this basic requirement, and many are specially designed to do just that. But for more information on this it is always worth looking at the requirements for your visa.

Getting all the extras

Because many people will simply be looking at meeting their 457 work visa requirements, it often seems worth while going for the basic package so you can meet this. However, as you will be staying in Australia for some time, it is worth getting plenty of extras. The basics packages will cover you for hospital stays and ambulance services, for the most; but health is more than accidents.

ovhc policy areas for families

While you are in Australia it is important that you have your health needs covered. This is why you should ensure that you have plenty of extras. Making sure that you have extras like dental in your overseas visitor health cover policy is important, as it can be a rather expensive cost to face should you need check ups or emergency help. This is why it is always recommended that you get the ovhc policy with lots of extras, to make sure you are actually covered; you can see an outline of the different policies here.

Excess and considerations

An important area you should look into when considering the right ovhc policy for you is the excess and limits on the policies available. As shown from the chart below, it is clear that not all policies are the same, and should you wish to use your insurance, it can come at a cost at the back end.

Excess on ovhc policy

The best policy is not always simply based on price or what you are covered for, as with high enough excess, or low limits to use, seriously change the value of your policy. Even with high excess, you will certainly still save money should you have to use it, but with just a few extra dollars a month this can be brought right down to give you peace of mind.

The Medicare surcharge

An important reason that it is worth getting the most extras with your cover is due to the Medicare surcharge. This is because many people visiting Australia will have the option to take on Medicare when they arrive. They then believe it is the best option to take out the cheapest overseas visitor health insurance policy available, and then end it when they have arrived in Australia.

This is not necessarily the best option though, as due to the Medicare surcharge, which is a tax paid by those that do not have private insurance, it does not mean you will be saving any money by doing this – and in fact will just have less health care cover.

This then is another important area of ovhc policy you should consider; ensuring that the policy you choose meets the requirements to avoid the Medicare surcharge. It is then worth considering spending more on your overseas visitor health insurance policy, using the money you are saving to bolster your health care options.

Looking at price and value

Clearly there is a lot to consider when choosing your ovhc policy. What we must ultimately see is that there is a huge difference between price and value. Though we can look at the chart below and see that Frank is the best value for an individual basic policy for an individual that wants to meet their 457 visa work requirements, we know that the excess can be high on this policy (as shown above), and that Frank is not the best choice when we look at having some or lots of extras. So choose wisely, and feel free to play with our comparison chart to find what is right for you.

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In conclusion there are several things to consider. Firstly, ensuring that the ovhc policy you choose meets the requirements of your visa. Secondly, that you do get enough extras that you are covered for an array of areas when you visit Australia. Third, that there the excess is not too high or the limits too low, and forth that you can avoid the Medicare surcharge. Finally, of course, that you are getting the value for money that you deserve.