Telephone & Internet

Internet – phone

Moving to another country can be a big dea. Not only do you have to do through all the problems of meeting your 457 visa work requirements, but there are a whole load of other problems to deal with. This is why it is worth being organised.

Among the long list of services you need to have taken care of when you come to Australia to work is phone and internet. These are basic services that everyone needs, and as such it is worth making sure that you have the best deal possible. It pays to be prepared!

Mobile packages

Australian mobile companies can be different to the one’s you may know. Like most nations, they offer a vary of deals, from pay as you go, to monthly contracts. These also include options to get a new iphone on a pay monthly basis.

As these companies are new to you, we endeavour to give you recommendations on which is the best company and plan for you – just to make things a little bit easier. We do this based on what the plans offer and the reputation of the company and their service.

Mobile Broadband

Australian providers offer fast and secure mobile broadband services across the country. A great solution for anyone that spends time on the go and needs to be connected, or for those that need a hook up on arrival to Australia.

Mobile Broadband Deals

When you arrive in Australia you will no doubt have communicating with your friends and family back home as a priority. On top of that, access to the internet is going to play a huge role in finding your way round Australia, getting tips on settling in, and of course for visiting

This is why we offer a comparison on mobile broadband deals, to help you get set up as soon as possible. And of course to do so at the best rate with the most respected provider (some of which you may not have heard of before). Deals are offered on either a pay as you go, or long term monthly contract.

We review and recommend plans based on pricing, data allowance, and the extras that they offer, to try to get you the best package available.

Feel free to have a look through our comparisons, and we hope it will be of help to you.